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A person booking on a Mindbody branded mobile app

Client experience

Delight your clients with a 360 branded experience

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Easy booking, any way your clients choose

Brand every step in your client experience

A collage showing Mindbody branded web widgets in action

Built in web tools for a seamless booking flow

Modernize your site with power of widgets. These quick-to-set-up applications are mobile-friendly, endlessly customizable, and can be styled to match your brand. You can include class schedules, appointments, staff lists, and more, right on your hosted site.

Empower visitors with Pick-a-Spot

Mindbody's Pick a Spot feature

Give clients more choices for classes

Create a personalized workout experience and streamline check-in by letting clients choose their spot before they arrive. Whether it’s their favorite bike or a place by the fan, give them the option to reserve it from your branded app or website.

Upgrade your brand with the client tools you need to thrive

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