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Customer Advocates Program

Earn rewards for being part of something bigger

Help us connect the world to wellness. For every business that signs up for Mindbody or Booker, you'll earn a $500 gift card. It's that simple.
Refer a business

Share your experience

As a Customer Advocate, you work with Mindbody or Booker software every day. We’re offering rewards for Advocates who share their experience with studios, spas, and salons.

Mindbody helps businesses manage their day-to-day more efficiently and grow their bottom line. Spread the word by referring businesses to us, and we’ll do the rest.

How it works

Ready to earn rewards?

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Questions? We have answers.

What if I don't own a Mindbody or Booker subscription, but I am a trainer or employee at a location that uses it?

CAP is for all Mindbody and Booker users, not just business owners. Fill out the referral form anytime to participate and earn rewards.

I use Booker. Can I participate in CAP?

Absolutely. CAP is for the entire Mindbody family, including Booker. Refer a friend in the fitness OR beauty industry and we’ll figure out the best software fit for them. You’ll earn rewards either way.

Is the cash gift card limited to a list of vendors or Mindbody services?

No. You’ll receive a Visa cash gift card via email, to use any way you like.

Do I have to share my personal contact information to participate?

Just your email (and optional Mindbody or Booker account ID). We’ll use your email to notify you when your referral signs up and make sure you get paid.

I use the Mindbody app to find and book classes. Can I refer friends to use the app and earn rewards?

We love to hear that you book classes with the app. However, CAP is specifically for our customers who use Mindbody business management products, and focuses on connecting studios and spas with that software to run their businesses.

Are customers in all countries eligible to refer and earn rewards?

You can refer and earn rewards no matter what country your business is in. You’ll earn a gift card in your national currency equivalent to $500 USD.

Still have questions?

Check out our full terms and conditions or get in touch for more information about being a Customer Advocate.