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Client being greeted by staff and self-checking in at the front desk of a fitness studio using an iPad

Class Check-in App

Automate your check-in process

Avoid long lines and free up your staff to focus on client experience.
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A collage showing the Mindbody Check-in App

Skip the front desk

Busy schedule with multiple classes and appointments happening at once? Reduce the impact on your front desk staff (or skip having a front desk altogether) with multiple self-serve stations.

A collage showing the Mindbody Class Check-in App

Share member updates

Visitors check in with a tap, and our app notifies staff of their arrival. Clients can easily view how many visits they have remaining and know when it’s time to sign up for more.

A collage showing the Mindbody Check-in App

Add security and safety

You control the check-in process with password-protected settings and notification settings to alert the front desk when a client has insufficient funds or needs additional assistance.

A collage showing the Mindbody Class Check-in App

Set up quickly & easily

All you need is a tablet to get set up. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play, sign in, and you’re ready to start checking in clients.

"The Mindbody Check-in app has given us the freedom to remove our front desk altogether, leaving more physical space for our teachers to create genuine connections with our clients."
Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Santa Barbara Hot Power Yoga

Santa Barbara, California

Reduce the stress on your front desk

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