VivaSpot Intelligent Wi-Fi

VivaSpot℠ is a turn-key Intelligent Wi-Fi solution enabling you to:

  • Get fully managed, PCI-secure Wi-Fi for both business and guest use
  • Directly gather prospect information on first visit & track thereafter
  • Cross-market offers, services, and merchandise thru a new onsite channel
  • Automatically incent customers, get feedback, increase social visibility
  • Receive valuable analytics including foot traffic and engagement data

Quickly convert your ordinary Wi-Fi network into an automated marketing machine that builds customer profiles, drives repeat bookings and increases your profits. Gather customer information, reward customers, gather feedback, increase social visibility, and cross-promote offers, events, and mobile application downloads. VivaSpot also provides valuable insights through simplified data analytics to view foot traffic in and around your location (prospects and customers) as well as customer acquisition, conversion, and engagement data.