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How to Switch Fitness Software

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How to Switch Fitness Software

If your current fitness software isn't meeting your expectations or providing adequate support for your growing fitness business, it's time to look for a software that will. 

From marketing and booking to check-in and retention tools, your fitness software should provide all the capabilities you need today and in the future, as your business continues to grow. And while switching software takes time and coordination at the start, the transition will benefit your business and customers for years to come.

So, what’s the key to success when moving to new software? Creating a step-by-step plan. Download our guide to help create yours, with tips to: 

  • Outline your reasons for the change (Are there features your existing software doesn't have? Are you looking to automate processes? Do you require more advanced reporting?) 

  • Clarify your software feature requirements (For example, autopay billing, automated marketing, branded mobile app, check-in app, etc.)

  • Determine your transition timing, including considerations for multiple locations and software integrations

  • Manage the change with your customer data and software integrations

  • Train your staff so they're up-to-speed on the new software and can help customers with ease

  • Communicate the change with your customers so they get to know your new booking and/or payments process

Switching to the right fitness software will likely be one of the most impactful decisions you make as a business owner. The change will allow you to run your fitness studio or gym more efficiently, serve your clients more effectively, and help you achieve your goals. 


Man at front desk greeting a customer on an iPad


How to Switch Fitness Software
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