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    3 Digital Marketing Must-Haves to Grow Your Business

    It's no secret that the digital age is upon us. Most of your marketing efforts are transitioning to online channels, but how can you use your time wisely and be active in all the right places? Join us to learn tips on building a strategy that will make digital marketing work for you.

    60 minutes

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    How to Build and Improve Customer Experience

    Good customer service is just one part of the picture. You’ll want to take stock of all the interactions your customers have with you over the course your relationship. This guide offers some tips on building a customer experience that considers the entire customer journey.

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    MINDBODY App - Building Lasting Relationships

    MINDBODY app users number in the millions and are avid fitness enthusiasts. In our latest infographic, discover how often they work out, how much they spend monthly through the app and even how loyal they are to their favorite gyms.


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