New York, NY November 13-15, 2017

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Join us in the Big Apple as we host our 65th MBU event. MINDBODY University boasts hands-on courses tailored to help you boost revenue, streamline operations and better focus on your clients. This event takes place in the heart of New York City - Times Square. Join us to learn tips from MINDBODY experts that make using the software more effective and easier. You’ll also have opportunities to network with like-minded business owners, meet one-on-one with MINDBODY senior staff members, and take your business to the next level.


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Team & Faculty

  • Rick Stollmeyer

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Rick graduated from the US Naval Academy with a degree in political science and Russian language, and 6 years as a submarine officer, before leaving the Navy to pursue a corporate engineering career. Rick co-founded MINDBODY, launched on 01/01/01 as a bootstrap startup. As the client count grew past a few hundred installed locations, it became clear that the early model was unscalable. Fortunately, one of MINDBODY’s earliest clients, Bob Murphy, shared Rick’s vision and soon became a co-founder. Now, MINDBODY has grown to more than 60,000 clients and shares numerous accolades.

  • Roxanne Borger

    Director of Client Education

    Roxanne (Roxy) has a passion for both wellness and technology and feels blessed to have over ten years experience helping people become healthier, happier versions of themselves - directly and indirectly. It is her current mission to help wellness businesses become more viable and successful through education and sharing what really works, through the various MINDBODY University (MBU) Offerings. She is a regular speaker at MINDBODY Conferences, Tradeshows and with MBU as well as Co-Owner of Smiling Dog Yoga in San Luis Obispo, CA. Roxy has a degree in mathematics and has experience in customer service, management, database programming, and lecturing at the university level. Roxy is a yoga instructor and loves having timely classes. Roxy loves teaching, problem solving, working hard, playing harder, and karaoke. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan and loves using her hand as a map whenever she gets the chance. In her tenure with MINDBODY, she’s consulted with thousands of wellness businesses.

  • Katie Philipp

    MINDBODY University Program Manager

    Katie is a North Carolina native who fell in love with the California coastline and decided to make Morro Bay her home five years ago. She has been involved in the world of holistic health as both a yoga instructor and massage therapist for many years and found her way to MINDBODY in 2012, coming on board with the sales team. She has advised hundreds of business owners, in all stages of their business growth, in finding personalized solutions to achieve their business goals. When Katie is not working, she has a passion for studying holistic nutrition, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her son, Liam.

  • Anna Hildebrand

    MINDBODY University Coordinator

    Anna Hildebrand has been with MINDBODY since September 2010. She started in Administrative Support with her focus on running the Front Desk. Originally from SLO, Anna loves everything about the Central Coast! Prior to her career at MINDBODY, she worked at Manduka (yoga mats) doing Customer Service and Trade Shows. When she isn’t at work, you will find Anna outside playing with her dogs, spending weekends at Lake Nacimiento or hosting hikes to the Port San Luis Lighthouse. She is thrilled to be a part of the MBU Team, it is truly a dream come true! Woo Hoo!

  • Christy Nosti

    Certified Business Consultant

    Christy Nosti is a Certified Business Consultant with a passion for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As a MINDBODY veteran, Christy has extensive knowledge of the software, as well as experience working with thousands of small health and wellness businesses. In her management role at MINDBODY, Christy helped develop and refine new client business education webinars and traveled throughout the country teaching MBU curriculum at fitness, yoga, and beauty conferences.

    Christy has a strong knack for metrics, analyzing numbers, and budgeting, but also loves to help businesses create and achieve their visions and goals. In 2015, Christy worked as the Business Manager for a Day Spa in San Luis Obispo, which gave her first hand action in the daily trails and triumphs of running a small business. She is passionate about helping small businesses thrive in their quest to create a healthy, connected community.

    Additionally, Christy has been a certified Bikram Yoga teacher in San Luis Obispo, CA since 2007. She spends her free time practicing yoga, going to group fitness classes, hiking and spending time with her husband and their new Son.

  • Patrick McClintock

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Patrick McClintock is a graduate of California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo with a degree in Communication Studies. Patrick has more than 8 years of experience in customer service. He joined MINDBODY in July 2012, working as part of the Jump Start Program and assisted in the creation of over 120 unique client sites, all while training clients in the operation of their MINDBODY sites. Since his move to Premium Account Coordinator in March 2013, Patrick has dedicated his time and attention to helping his clients get the most out of their MINDBODY sites by providing attentive, dedicated support.

  • Jason Tumulak

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Jason moved to California from Hawaii about 5 years ago. Shortly after getting married to his wife, Kristin, he started work at MINDBODY. Beginning in Tech Support and learning the ropes, to being one of the founding coaches on the Welcome Team, it didn’t take him long to move up the ranks to a Premium Account Coordinator and find his niche in his current position. Though he works with a wide variety of industry verticals, he is the resident Salon Guru. His product knowledge and knowledge of the salon industry make him a great asset to the team and to his clients.

  • Denise Lund

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Denise started at MINDBODY in 2011 as part of the Premium Support team. She currently works as a Premium Account Coordinator. She has worked with more than 130 businesses on a one-on-one management basis. This has allowed her to work closely with all aspects of a business’s needs, from setup to reporting to customer management. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in accounting.

  • Christian Rojas

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Christian is a MINDBODY Premium Account Coordinator, and works with clients as they transition to our system from their current system. From dissecting business models and procedures to establishing workflows, he inspires our Premium clients to be promoters of MINDBODY by achieving their business needs on our platform. He joined the MINDBODY team in 2009, in our Tech Support team, learning all the nooks and crannies of our software so he could help a wide range of businesses adapt their business model to it.

  • Kristin Andrews

    Premium Services Team Lead

    Kristin splits her time at MINDBODY as a Premium Services Coordinator and as the technical specialist responsible for MINDBODY University's content. Kristin found MINDBODY after graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture. She started building her software knowledge base on the MINDBODY Technical Support front lines and continued to master the software as she transitioned to the Premium Support team in May 2010. Her extensive experience working with complex business setups and MINDBODY's Premium Support clients has transformed Kristin into a MINDBODY software expert. Kristin puts her expertise to good use at MINDBODY University, teaching a majority of the technical courses and being available for one on one consultations.

Team and faculty is subject to change by event location.


MBU courses blend business strategy with in-depth software walkthroughs—designed to give you some great ideas, and a path to execute them in your MINDBODY system.

  • Marketing Best Practices

    Learn how to create inexpensive, but compelling marketing materials and improve your brand. We’ll review best practices and the most effective marketing techniques, from Groupon to guerilla marketing, so you get the most out of your marketing dollars! Through case studies and examples you will gain confidence to invest in marketing with proven results! Introductory offers are one of the most powerful tools to bring new clients to your business. Find out how to create and price them effectively to generate more new clients and keep them coming back.

  • Online Marketing: Making the Most of Your Online Presence

    This course introduces web-based marketing and promotion, and online marketing strategies for customer acquisition. Learn how to optimize search engines and leverage social media to drive website traffic. This course also explores best practices for email marketing, website design and mobile marketing. A thorough understanding of each one of these aspects is necessary to cultivate a successful online marketing campaign.

  • Sales Techniques

    Improving sales is one of the fastest ways to grow your bottom line! Learn best sales strategies, how to create a sales process, and how to use MINDBODY for sales communications and follow-up. Many businesses are not comfortable with “sales.” Being a “sales” person is really just sharing your knowledge and love of what you do. In this talk we’ll help you find the techniques that work best for you.

  • Using MINDBODY for Marketing

    Keep your schedule full and increase your revenue through targeted client marketing. Learn how to use Client Types and Client Indexes to categorize your clients, track information such as ability level, interest, and primary reason for visiting, then how to measure the success of your marketing campaigns with ease by combining various reports with tagging.

  • Getting Your Clients Online

    Learn how simple it is to set up and optimize your MINDBODY system for eCommerce and web scheduling. Whether you are a veteran at accepting online reservations or just considering the idea, this topic will explore all the screens necessary to check before you allow your clients onto your MINDBODY online store. We will also discuss the different options for connecting your website to MINDBODY, and the importance of testing everything in Consumer Mode. This topic can increase your revenue and reduce your administrative hassles, while improving your client satisfaction.

  • Workshops and Enrollments

    You’ll learn about many workshop related features such as setting up payment plans and tagging clients from a roster. We’ll go over enrollment specific options and learn how to set up and schedule courses–did you know you can "bundle" workshops together?

  • Class Reservations (I and II)

    We will start with the basics and will review all the prerequisite setup steps necessary for you to successfully create a class schedule. We’ll focus on everyday uses of the class schedule, plus advanced reservation features including options for controlling online scheduling, reservation related auto-emails, the reservation waitlist, and more.

  • Appointments (I and II)

    We will start with the basics and will review all the prerequisite setup steps necessary for you to successfully setup your appointment schedule. You’ll learn about many appointment options, features and reports, such as appointment requesting and appointment booking.

  • Retail and Inventory Management

    Learn all there is to know about product management and even some of our tips & recommendations. We'll cover basic product management as well as advanced topics, including inventory management, related reporting, online store orders, purchase order management, and using and selling gift certificates.

  • Client Management

    This session will explore the vast depth of features within the Client Profile screens that you can use to manage your client’s information. We will cover all of the Client Profile screens and you will learn about Client Relationships, Client Alerts, Contact Logs, as well as an introduction into Client Types and Client Indexes.

  • AutoPays, Contracts, and Memberships

    Learn how easy it is to increase revenue and client retention through our automatic billing features, AutoPays. Use the Contracts feature to make recurring revenue effortless. Learn how to set up memberships so that clients receive perks and special privileges for being loyal to your business. In your KPI Pricing Lab, you’ll use a worksheet that will help you price your AutoPay perfectly.

  • Client Retention

    Marketing brings people in the door; retention strategies keep them coming back! Retention is a cost-effective way to grow your bottom line. Did you know that it takes 5 times longer (and costs more) to bring in new clients than to retain them? Retention is one of the biggest problems cited by MINDBODY clients. This session will outline simple, proven strategies in customer service and pricing. MINDBODY University is a virtual clearinghouse of retention best practices. Get inspired by these success stories and learn how to immediately implement these ideas and see your retention increase.

  • Staff Management: Strategy, People, Performance and Leadership

    During this session, learn valuable staff management insights to help you operate your business more effectively. We will discuss how to hire and train a great team, performance reporting and incentives for staff, and recommended software permissions to protect your business. Learn about resources available to you so you can train your staff better and maximize your use of the software.

  • Key Performance Indicators: Pricing

    Learn how to strategically price your classes to realize your true revenue potential! We’ll analyze what series are selling, how to improve pricing, and specifically how to price a membership.

  • Key Performance Indicators: Retention

    Improve your retention and grow your business! We’ll look at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that measure retention to see if your clients are coming back, if your Groupon offers are effective, and what your intro offer to AutoPay conversion rate is. Learn how to use reports such as the No-Return Report, so you can reach out to clients who haven’t been back to your business.

  • Key Performance Indicators: Attendance & Revenue

    We’ll look at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that show revenue, attendance, new clients, and average attendance. Learn how to track and run these reports and what they tell you about your business.

  • Creating a Viable Business

    Learn critical elements to improving your profitability and enjoying your business more. In this session you will learn how to create a budget, analyze operating expenses and determine key indices that reflect the health of your business.

  • The Recipe

    Rick founded MINDBODY in his garage in 2001, and has led the company to serve thousands of businesses improving the wellness of the world. He will open up the “chocolate factory” for a special discussion of the secret sauce for creating a successful business.

Courses are subject to change by event location.

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