Premium Services

Product experts who serve as your success advocates

Who benefits from premium services?

  • Multi-location businesses or franchises.

  • Businesses looking to expedite the switch to MINDBODY.

  • Any business looking for dedicated, 1-on-1 attention.

Premium Services

Dashboard configuration • Reporting analysis • Regular consultations

Our Premium Account Coordinators get to know your business inside and out using their thorough software knowledge to align your MINDBODY site with your unique needs and goals.

Consultation Hours Pricing
Bronze 5 per month $349 per month
Silver 12 per month $699 per month
Gold 20 per month
(available outside of business hours)

$999 per month

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Jump Start

Site setup and configuration • Pre- and post-setup consultations

If you need the software up and running as quickly as possible, our Premium Support team will do the legwork for you. Save up to 20 hours of setup time with Jump Start, which includes tailored site setup and configuration with a MINDBODY product expert.

Package Price: $399

For more information, contact us at

Fresh Start

Personalized site evaluations • Site reconfiguration

For clients whose business models or staffing needs change, our Premium Support team will rebuild your MINDBODY site to reflect those changes. Package includes 20 consultation hours based on your unique needs.

Package Price: $899

For more information, contact us at

Meet the team that can’t wait to meet you

Our Premium Account Coordinators build 1-on-1 relationships with our clients, applying their expert knowledge of MINDBODY software to individual businesses and franchises around the world.

  • Joey Saldaña

    Premium Services Team Supervisor

    Joey joined the MINDBODY team as a Technical Support Specialist in August of 2010, shortly after receiving his degree in Business Management and Cognitive Science at the University of California, Irvine. Having worked in the salon industry throughout his time in college, Joey became a founding member of MINDBODY's Salon Team and helped to train clients and maintain our salon site templates. After less than a year on our Technical Support team, Joey quickly advanced to become a member of our Premium Services Team, where he works with some of MINDBODY's top corporate and franchise-based businesses as a Premium Account Coordinator. To date, he has personally worked with upwards of 400 MINDBODY clients. With this experience he secured a position as a presenter at MINDBODY University, an international event where MINDBODY clients have the opportunity to learn best practices and business strategies with their peers. His love for helping people succeed and his innate interpersonal skills led him to management; he now serves as the Premium Services Team Supervisor.

  • Andre Delgado

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Having owned his own Internet media streaming company from 1996–2006, Andre relates and brings a special empathy to his premium clients: “I understand and can relate to what our clients are going through and what they have at stake in their respective businesses.” Andre enjoys working for such an amazing company where the entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and supported.  To Andre, the best part of working at MINDBODY is forming relationships with his clients and teammates.  Having coached high school football for many years, Andre brings a coach’s heart to his work and strives to elevate his clients understanding, comfort, and confidence in MINDBODY software. 
    Andre feels extremely blessed to live in the beautiful Central Coast of California and spends his free time enjoying the outdoors with his beautiful wife and three children.

  • Matt Grady

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Matt Grady is a creative individual that came to the central coast of California from San Diego, where he attended San Diego State University. He earned a BA in Painting & Printmaking, as well as an AA in Philosophy. He came to us with a three-year history in online technical support and a strong can-do attitude to assist our clients. He moved quickly from the MINDBODY tech support floor into our Welcome Team, and then into the ranks of our Premium Support Team as a Premium Account Coordinator. 

  • Yancy Olson

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Yancy has unique experience in that she owned a Bed & Breakfast in Italy, learning not only the Italian language, but how to run a business in a different culture.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Yancy came to MINDBODY tech support in June 2011 on the Written Communications Team.  Within six months, she single-handedly started coordinating setup and training for our Italian clients. While providing very high level 1-on-1 support for them, she continued to work in her tech support role, until transitioning into Premium Support with 18 months of MINDBODY expertise, training coordination, and process planning under her belt.

  • David Madanat

    Premium Account Coordinator

    David graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Delaware and found MINDBODY shortly after falling in love with San Luis Obispo in 2009.  David started his tenure with Premium Support in April 2010 as a way of building stronger, longer-lasting and deeper relationships with clients.  David takes great joy in working with passionate clients who want to get the most out of what MINDBODY has to offer. He enjoys continuing to master the software and finding new ways for it to meet the needs of clients with high demands on productivity and operational efficiency.

  • Patrick McClintock

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Patrick McClintock is a graduate of California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo with a degree in Communication Studies.  Patrick has over 5 years of experience in customer service, acting as an Account Coordinator and Customer Service Representative in the commercial printing industry before joining MINDBODY in July 2012.  At MINDBODY, Patrick began working with MINDBODY clients as part of the Jump Start Program and assisted in the creation of over 120 unique client sites, all while training clients in the operation of their MINDBODY sites.  Since his move to Premium Account Coordinator, Patrick has dedicated his time and attention to helping his clients get the most out of their MINDBODY sites and providing attentive, dedicated support.

  • Emily Nelson

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Emily attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Art and Design, with a concentration in Photography.  During her university experience, she fell in love with the San Luis Obispo community and its active lifestyle.  After college, she moved to Beverly Hills to work as the photo assistant for a well-known fashion photographer.  It was an awesome experience that taught Emily the importance of professionalism, self-motivation, communication, and organization.  In an effort to follow her dream of health and wellness, she decided to start a new career and trained in the Pilates Method at Long Beach Dance Conditioning with Marie-Jose Blom.  At a Pilates conference, she met the Director of Sales for MINDBODY and discovered that the MINDBODY headquarters is located in her favorite town of San Luis Obispo.

    Emily was hired as a MINDBODY Technical Support Specialist and spent her first year on the support line training and assisting thousands of clients while becoming a MINDBODY product expert.  She was promoted to the position of Premium Account Coordinator, where she has been able to support over 150 businesses, offering hands-on assistance with every aspect of the software.  She is also a presenter at MINDBODY University, where our clients have a forum to learn, get inspired, and get the most out of their MINDBODY system. 

    Emily values small business and the passion and drive that it takes to be a business owner; she values people, honesty, loyalty and respect.

  • Heather Parks

    Premium Services Team Coordinator

    Heather is excited to be one of the newest additions to MINDBODY’s Premium Services Team! Having enjoyed beautiful San Luis Obispo while earning her degree in Communication Studies at California Polytechnic State University, Heather was pleased to learn she would join the MINDBODY family (conveniently located in the “happiest place on Earth”). Heather is a frequent hiker who finds peace in spending time with nature. When she’s not out appreciating the scenery, she loves to dance and explore fun new ways to exercise. Here’s to continued happiness, health, and MINDBODY love!

  • Christian Rojas

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Christian is a MINDBODY Premium Account Coordinator, and works with clients as they transition to our system from their current system. From dissecting business models and procedures to establishing workflows, he inspires our premium clients to be promoters of MINDBODY by addressing their business needs on our platform. He joined the MINDBODY team in 2009 in Tech Support, learning all the nooks and crannies of our software. That knowledge serves him well now as he helps a wide range of businesses adapt their business model to it.

  • Alicia Stefani

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Alicia started with MINDBODY in June 2011 as a Technical Support Specialist and quickly made an impression with her quality and productivity on the team. After gaining the experience and knowledge of the software, she joined Premium Services in March 2012. Her past education and experience in the hospitality industry have provided her insight into the importance of customer service and teamwork. Additionally, her experience in expanding relationships with our existing customer base and utilizing her project planning experience make her an excellent addition to the Premium Services team. As a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate, Alicia loves living back on the Central Coast, working at a great company with amazing people.

  • Brittany Troy

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Brittany Troy was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, CA. She graduated with a kinesiology degree from Cal Poly University. She first started working with MINDBODY software at Equilibrium Fitness, which made her a natural fit to join the PAC team (Premium Account Coordinator). She came to MINDBODY in 2012 as a Sales Associate, but quickly moved up to the role of a PAC. Brittany is an active SLO native, taking advantage of all it has to offer, such as camping, hiking, going to the lake, wine tasting, and going to the beach.

  • Zoe Walker

    Premium Account Coordinator

    Zoe is a MINDBODY Premium Account Coordinator. She joined the MINDBODY team in 2011 in our Tech Support team as our resident software/hardware guru extraordinaire.  Zoe’s focus has always been on her clients.  She always goes above and beyond to find the answer.  Her handling of product knowledge escalations and past experience writing internal support and Help Suite articles and restructuring the MINDBODY software all work toward ultimately understanding the businesses we serve inside and out, making her an outstanding Premium Account Coordinator.  She turns many clients into raving fans. Her extensive software knowledge makes her a great asset to our team.

  • Michael DePriest

    Associate Premium Account Coordinator

    Michael is an Associate Premium Account Coordinator in the Premium Services Department at MINDBODY. He joined the team in January of 2013 with the motivation to bring his experience of small business growth and customer service to MINDBODY to assist clients in their successful business plan. Michael graduated from San Francisco State University, and quickly established himself as a professional committed to assisting the community and placing pride in establishing strong rapport with businesses and their clients. Throughout Michael’s career, he has developed the understanding of how to effectively communicate with a variety of business professionals, from 501(c)(3) organizations to large corporations.  When Michael is not in the office, you can find him at the park playing soccer or enjoying the sunshine and BBQ that is always present in California.

  • Jenna Eager

    Associate Premium Account Coordinator

    Jenna started at MINDBODY in April 2012 as a Sales Associate.  After only six months of cold calling, she was hired on the Premium Services team. Her experience as a high school Administrative Assistant, and ultimately a high school professor in San Jose, allows her to easily tackle any obstacle thrown her way.  As a 2008 Cal Poly business graduate, Jenna loves the opportunity to be back in SLO and working for an awesome, growing company and even more amazing team! 

  • Sharley Simpson

    Associate Premium Account Coordinator

    Sharley works in the Premium Accounts department as an Associate Coordinator, helping new clients build their sites through the Jump Start program.  She enjoys the challenge of meeting and learning from a wide range of clients and business models, figuring out the best way MINDBODY will work for each unique account, and then showing her clients the ropes of using their new software.

    She spent over ten years living in the Bay Area working in a corporate law firm environment, and is now thrilled to be working with MINDBODY.  She appreciates wholeheartedly MINDBODY's vision and commitment to customer service, and is happy to dedicate her time and efforts to the same.  After growing up living overseas and going to college in Virginia, Sharley now calls California home.  She loves the almost-always-blue-skies-and-sunshine, which provides wonderful training grounds in which to swim, bike, and run!