WordStream Facebook Opportunity Calculator

Do you know how many people actually see your Facebook posts? By spending a small amount on Facebook ads, you can exponentially increase the amount of potential customers who interact with your business. WordStream’s free Facebook Opportunity Calculator shows you how many people see your posts today, which advertising options are best, and how many more potential customers you could reach.

  • Find out if Facebook Ads are worth your money with our quick and easy opportunity calculator.
  • Learn how many people see your posts without Facebook advertising. (Even within your fanbase, exposure isn't free.)
  • Facebook advertising offers many ways to choose who sees your ads – we'll show you which are the best and teach you why!
  • See how many more potential customers you could reach with a small Facebook advertising budget.
  • All for free!

WordStream Adwords Performance Grader

Are you using Google AdWords to find new customers? If so, do you know how your account stacks up against competitors? Get a fast (and free) analysis of your pay-per-click performance, and benchmark against your peers. Plus, get actionable tips across 10 areas to start improving your results right away.

  • 40 hours of analysis on your pay-per click advertising account in less than 60 seconds.
  • Customized report that compares your advertising to peers at the same AdWords spend level.
  • Powerful insight for you to achieve a higher return on spend.
  • Actionable recommendations to improve pay-per-click advertising performance.
  • It’s free and secure!

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