• Increase customer loyalty
  • Generate more referrals
  • Increase Facebook and Twitter buzz

Perkville is a customer reward program that integrates with MINDBODY so you can automatically increase retention, generate referrals and increase social media. Reward customers for spending money, attending classes, booking online, gym check-ins, attending workshops, and booking appointments. Some key features: automation, rewards, referrals, and win-back deals.

MINDBODY businesses are using Perkville in creative ways. In addition to driving referrals and social media, they are creating rewards to up sell customers. For example, your customers could redeem points for 30% off their first time Personal Training session or first month free on a membership. They are also partnering with other local businesses to offer rewards such as 50% off at the nearby restaurant.

Note: MINDBODY does not provide technical support for third-party vendor products and services. If you need support, please contact Perkville directly.