Ready for anything. That’s the power of MINDBODY Express.

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Every day is a little different. Sometimes you need a quick reminder of what’s first in the morning. Sometimes you need to book a client—and you’re nowhere near a computer. And sometimes you need to feel free to run some errands between clients. Whatever the day brings, bring MINDBODY Express™ with you and you’re always ready.

Your day is always in your hands

Sam knows exactly what’s in store for her and her staff before she even walks through the door.

The schedule displays everything you need to know. Browse upcoming classes and appointments for you and your staff, and book more clients or add them to the roster whenever you need to.

You can respond to the unexpected

Kim just found out that her instructor can’t teach today, so she added a sub to the schedule.

If you need to cancel class or call in a substitute, you can update your schedule right away. And if your attendance for class is lower than expected, you can add a client from the waitlist in seconds.

You always know what’s going on

Shea reviews the day’s sales and revenue while he’s waiting for his lunch.

Whenever you catch a free moment, you can pull up a report to see how well your sales are tracking for the day. Since it’s easy to see everything at a glance, peace of mind travels with you–to the grocery store, on vacation, or anywhere in between.

You can help your clients anywhere

Ashley’s client texted her to reschedule an appointment, but she’s running errands. No problem.

Wherever you are, you can book clients, send confirmations and make sure they’re happy. Even when you’re away from the front desk, you can pull up a client’s profile to update contact and payment information, renew passes, view all their visits and email receipts.

You can run transactions from anywhere

Chaos at the front desk? Beth rings up client purchases from her phone to save time.

When you need to complete a sale and the front desk isn’t an option, just attach a credit card swiper and have the client sign right on your phone. While you’re at it, you can pull up your schedule and rebook the client easily for next time.

View the numbers that matter most

Kelly reviews a snapshot of her business while sipping her morning mocha.

At the Accelerate level, you can see your revenue, recurring payments and more—all from one screen in MINDBODY Express. With your highlights neatly arranged, you can spend more time with friends and less time on your phone.

MINDBODY Express is free for software subscribers on iPhone, iPad or Android.

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