Take care of the business of doing business, on your phone.

MINDBODY Express™ is built to help you with your clients and payments, from check-in to checkout. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  • It's your record keeper.

    Create a profile for each client.

    Add new clients quickly (just name and phone number), then add more information later.

    Collect waiver signatures.

    Have clients sign right on the phone, and save it to their accounts instantly.

    Look back, and look ahead.

    View clients’ past visits, see how many more they’ve paid for, and add notes.

  • It's your appointment book.

    The schedule displays everything. You can tap any day for the list of appointments, or scroll to see what’s ahead. The color of each appointment tells you its status: no-show, confirmed, or completed.

    (And your class schedule.)

    Save your regular schedule to the calendar, then use it to add clients to any class, sign them in, and tap through to checkout when they’re ready to pay for it.

It's your cash register.

  • Scan and sell any product.

    Run your retail purchases quickly and professionally, and email the receipt to the client.

  • Complete any sale.

    Record any cash or check transactions, accept credit cards and gift cards, and allow clients to add a tip.

  • Sell more efficiently.

    Access your most popular products and services on the Top Sellers list to save time.

  • See it all at once.

    Pull up the Recent Purchases report for a quick list of everything you’ve sold lately.

It's available on the App Store and on Google Play now.

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