At iKizmet we want to empower your business with metrics, and visual indicators that help you make better decisions about your business.

With the use of iKizmet's automated reporting features, you will quickly have access to:

  • Your total Sales of Service by Category, Products, and Recurring Revenue
  • Raw data and details of how your Retaining New Clients/Members
  • Specific details that pertain to your Referral Source Categories
  • Ability to Forecast your Future Revenue based on your Historical Data
  • Track Facebook Reach and Engagement with your Attendance and Sales
  • Attendance Reporting, No Visit After First Visit, Your Intro Offers Sold

Join the iKizmet community and start discovering what trends are emerging within your MINDBODY data so you can retain clients, convert more new student offers, and grow your business.

Note: MINDBODY does not provide technical support for third-party vendor products and services. If you need support, please contact iKizmet directly.