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The Future of Fitness Tracking and What It Can Do for Your Business

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

Wearable tech and fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular. According to YouGov*, nine in ten (90%) people who track their fitness and diet via an app say technology has changed their life for the better. On top of that, more than four in five (85%) revealed fitness trackers have encouraged them to become healthier.

So, what does this mean for your business? It means that by helping your clients track their progress in their fitness journey, you can give yourself a competitive edge that could be beneficial to your business. For gym and studio owners, it’s important to encourage your clients to give 100% effort in each workout they do and keep them engaged by monitoring results. This is where fitness trackers can come into play.

Mindbody recently joined forces with FitMetrix to deliver technology that makes it possible for fitness businesses to integrate custom-branded performance tracking with gym equipment and wearables.

Here's how these powerful and intuitive tools that FitMetrix offers could contribute to the growth of your business and increase customer satisfaction:

Live leaderboards

Live leaderboards enable customers to view their heart rate, calories burned and effort points throughout each workout they do.

These allow customers to track RPMs, power data and points so they can compare their performance against others who are also taking the class. Trainers can then use the tool to rank customers based on performance, providing a healthy sense of competition.

Studio performance tracking

FitMetrix studio performance tracking software allows staff to sign customers in swiftly ahead of their class. If a trainer is unable to take a certain class, the software makes it simple to quickly find a replacement to avoid disappointment. What’s more, the tool allows customers to leave instructor reviews after each class, making it easy to monitor which classes and instructors are performing best.

Online portal

The online trainer portal creates an all-important ongoing relationship between the customer and the trainer. The portal offers a dashboard that showcases the client’s performance to ensure the personal trainer is doing everything in their power to keep them on track and help them achieve their goals. Furthermore, the trainer can schedule sessions, perform fitness tests and send results to their clients via the portal too.

Customers can also use the portal within the ‘members’ section to share workout results with friends via social media.

Visual workout builder

The visual workout builder is a useful tool for both trainer and customer. The tool allows trainers to create, schedule and display custom workouts for the class participants to watch and follow. This way, trainers can walk around the studio during the session, to interact with people and ensure they’re doing the exercises correctly.

* YouGov Profiles GB population. Survey rotation 22/07/2018. Sample size of 3,645 (people who say they track their fitness and diet using fitness apps).

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