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Barre studio software

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Mobile device and web browser with barre software scheduling and reporting features
Woman teaching online virtual barre class

Streaming barre classes

Looking to teach barre classes online? With video on demand and live streaming, you can offer virtual barre classes directly from your software. It’s simple to use for you and your staff (no sophisticated camera equipment needed)—and your content is exclusive for your clients.

Opened email offer for barre class

Growing your clientele with automated marketing

Take the work out of marketing with automated client acquisition and retention features built into your barre studio software. Use smart contact lists that update themselves to send scheduled emails and texts to the right clients. Build email campaigns from easily customisable templates to keep your dancers engaged.

Mobile device with barre class scheduling through the MINDBODY app

Connecting to a network of new clients

The Mindbody app helps the world’s largest community of fitness consumers find and book workout classes near them. Listing your barre studio in the app is free with your software—and it lets you show off your intro offers and last-minute deals to new clients looking for services like yours.

Color palette and mobile device with custom barre booking app

Expanding your brand with a custom app

We’ll create a branded app for your fitness studio that shows off your logo, colours and images, and increases your client connection. Your dancers can book and pay for workout classes and manage their memberships, and you can send them reminders and promotional messages.

"For me and my team, it’s helpful to have those Mindbody tools. It gives me a chance to compare what’s happening at one studio to another. I can compare first visits or converting a first visit into a class pack or a membership."
Andrea Lucas

Andrea Lucas

Founder, Barre & Soul

Everything you need in one software

Barre studio software—powering your business

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Frequently asked questions

What is barre studio software?

Barre studio software is wellness technology that helps barre studio owners and managers run their fitness business and create the best client experience. It’s built for barre studios of all sizes, and you’ll always find the tools you need to expand when you’re ready. The studio software improves class scheduling, simplifies payment processing, creates powerful reports, manages memberships, and more, so you and your team can focus on pliés and pretzels instead of the day-to-day details. 


Choosing the right software solution for your studio can be difficult, so you’ll want to look for a barre studio software option that provides you with new ways to build your community and keep clients connected to your studio. These are tools like a lead management system that converts more visitors into members, automated emails and texts that promote your services to the right people at the right time, or a branded app that keeps your business top of mind for clients. The number of barre studio software features vary by package, so consult a rep to find the solution that’s best for your studio.

How does barre studio software marketing work?

The studio software makes barre marketing easy by helping you engage clients through search, social media, and promotional offers, as well as with automated, customisable messages and campaigns. When your business is run on barre studio software, you can opt into listing your studio on the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer network. On the app, you’ll be able to attract new clients with last-minute deals and intro offers, plus give existing members a new way to book with your barre studio. Your barre studio software also gives you access to marketing emails and text campaigns that automatically send based on your criteria. These messages target clients based on visit history, satisfaction, and interaction with your messages and can be combined with various promos to increase your audience’s engagement. And to grow your community, you can launch review and referral programs from your software that encourage loyal clients to recommend their friends and spread buzz about your brand.

Can I launch a barre app for my clients with barre software?

Yes, running your studio on barre software gives your business the ability to launch a mobile app for your community. When you have a barre app, your clients will enjoy a closer connection to your brand and easier access to your services, increasing their engagement and keeping them loyal. In the app, clients can book classes, access their profiles, manage memberships, and more, and you can keep them informed with push notifications for promotional offers and studio news. If you offer barre classes online through your studio software, you can even host your content on your app so clients can enjoy a  session on demand. The best part? It’s easy to get your app built. We’ll handle the design with your logos and colours, you’ll have the chance to review, and Mindbody will help place it in the Android and iOS app stores for clients to download—with continuous updates included.

How does barre software make client management easier?

Barre studio software makes it easier than ever to manage and organise all of your client details so you can spend more time creating memorable experiences for your in-studio members. When a client books a barre class with your business, all of their payment info, preferences, class history, and more are stored in easy-access client profiles in your studio management software, keeping all your important details just a few clicks away. Once in your system, clients can log in online to update credit card details, edit contact info, and manage memberships. Your barre software also monitors their most important details so nothing gets missed, automatically notifying staff of upcoming milestones like birthdays and first visits. Staff can even use a progress tracking system built directly into the barre software to keep track of important training information, giving them the tools to create personalised workouts at their next session.

Does barre software improve payment processing?

Yes, barre studio software streamlines your payments system by running every transaction through the software that powers your business. When your studio is run on studio management software, all of your online, mobile, and front desk payments move through a single location, making your administrative and reporting processes easier. You can save payment preferences, transaction history, and credit card details to client profiles for easy, contactless checkout, and set up autopay memberships so renewal is seamless. You can even cut down on no-shows by requiring payments before barre classes online, through the Mindbody app, or via your own branded app. And if credit cards expire, Mindbody’s Card Updater feature automatically updates card info so your staff don’t have to track down new details.

How much does barre studio software cost?

There are a few price points for Mindbody barre studio software, and the number of features included depends on the package chosen. For businesses that are starting out, we have an entry-level package that gives you the basic features needed to run and manage your business, a package for growing studios that need more marketing options, another for businesses that need advanced community-building features, and another that offers the full power of Mindbody—all with customer service included. You can also complete your package with add-ons to expand your functionality, like Messenger[ai] front desk assistant or on-demand and live streaming solutions for teaching barre classes online. For more information on Mindbody’s barre software packages, take a look at our fitness business pricing page.