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Software certifications

Grow your software skills and career

Our software certifications focus on skills for different Mindbody software users, from staff to business owners. Accrediting your skills helps improve your job efficiency and can even expand your career.

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Getting started with software certifications

Mindbody software certifications are free, self-paced online trainings made up of video tutorials, articles, and interactive lessons. When you're ready, you'll take an online exam. Check out the frequently asked questions for more info.

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Level 1: Running Your Software

The “Running Your Software” certification covers skills for any staff who welcome new clients, work with schedules, or collect payments. Participants learn and are tested on adding and looking up clients, managing clients, scheduling services, operating retail point of sale, and more.

The Level 1 course is perfect for staff of all levels, owners, and consultants, and should take about 5 hours to complete.

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Level 2: Managing Your Software

The “Managing Your Software” certification builds on everything covered in the “Running Your Software” course. The Level 2 material covers setting up and scheduling new services, using staff management features, creating pricing and products, running common reports, using the dashboard, scheduling auto emails, and more.

The Level 2 certification is best suited for managers, owners, directors, operators, and consultants. The course is available at any time, but you’ll need to finish Level 1 and complete all Level 2 content to access the final exam.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost associated with this program?

No. Our software certifications were built to make education accessible, so they’re available for free. Offering these certifications with no cost associated gives you the freedom to focus on the areas of the core Mindbody software that are most relevant to you.

Do I have to complete all of the content in order to certify?

Yes. Once you complete all content for a particular level, the exam will unlock.

Do I have to get certified to participate in the courses?

No. The courses contain great educational content across a wide range of topics. Pick whichever topics you want to learn more about. 

Do I have to complete a previous level to move on to the next?

Each level builds on the previous one, so we do recommend you proceed in order. With that said, you don't have to complete the Level 1 exam in order to start Level 2. However, you will need to pass the Level 1 exam in order to unlock the Level 2 exam.

What’s the exam format?

Each exam has additional information listed, such as the number of questions and time limit. In general, the exams are online and require a passing score of 80%. The exams are open book, to simulate the resources you'd have available at work. You can review all of your answers before submitting. Upon completion, you'll be able to see your results, and you'll receive an email receipt of your status.

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