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5 Reasons Why Your Salon or Spa Needs Messenger[ai]

By Mindbody

Humans crave connection. We don’t go to a salon or spa just for a quick pick-me-up (although we do feel a million times better after). We savour the experience, the one-on-one care and attention. 

In such a people-focused practice, bookings are the last thing you want on your mind. Artificial intelligence, or AI, simplifies your day by automating admin tasks. But it doesn’t replace your front desk. Think of AI as your staff’s virtual receptionist and assistant, freeing up their time for in-person clients. Because that’s what it’s all about. Messenger[ai]’s intelligent auto-replies, for example, make sure you never miss a caller again—and it can book clients in just a few texts.

Here are five reasons why your business needs Messenger[ai]:

1. You’ll never miss a customer again

Small businesses miss 62% of all their calls. That’s a lot. But you can’t stay behind your front desk answering phones all day (ain’t nobody got time for that). Luckily, Messenger[ai]’s got your back 24/7.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You call a business on the phone, but nobody answers. Just as all hope is lost (because voicemails are meh), you immediately get a follow-up text to schedule a booking. You choose your time, treatment, and specialist, then pay. Right from your phone. Now, instead of looking up another business to book, you’re planning what café you’ll stop by on the way home afterwards.

Messenger[ai] makes it that easy to book with you on the phone, day or night—for every one of your customers.

2. Clients want to text you

89% of clients want to text you. Not call. Text. Why not meet them halfway?

Messenger[ai]’s intelligent auto-replies make it easy to track and log their customer info. That way, you’ll save all the fun conversations for when they arrive.

3. You’ll get more time to do what you (and they) love

Takamichi Hair, a Manhattan salon, uses Messenger[ai] to keep their day moving.

“Out of the last 928 messages we got to the salon, only six of them needed human intervention,” says junior stylist and colourist Christie Karwell. “If that’s not a time-saver, then what is?”

Messenger[ai] can easily forward customers to live chat with your staff, so you never lose that personal touch (even over text). But again...that happens less than 1% of the time for Takamichi. Less time taking calls means more time taking care of your clients. You can really focus on making sure they leave feeling refreshed, and ready for what’s next.

4. You can keep the conversation going after they leave

A great customer experience doesn’t end after their booking. Following up with your clients is key to building strong relationships. And enticing them to come back.

Messenger[ai] keeps your staff on their toes with follow-up reminders, and lets them text clients directly—without giving away their personal number. It’s also a great way to get timely feedback on your business. You can see it all, including advanced analytics, from one dashboard and app.

5. Your business will look modern (and, quite frankly, badass)

AI’s still a relatively new thing, but it’s where the world’s headed. Just think about how much cooler your wellness business will look using it. Waaay cooler. The best part? You’ll have the quality service to back it up.

Still wondering if Messenger[ai] is right for you?

Here's a simple way to find out. We built a calculator for you to use to calculate your expenses and revenue for Messenger[ai]. Tell us your average appointment price, the number of appointments you have per month, and your average time between appointments and our calculator will tell you your expenses and profit.

See Messenger[ai] in action.

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