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Take the next step in your business journey.

MINDBODY Certified Consultants draw upon their experience working with businesses at MINDBODY University (MBU) to develop one-on-one connections with business owners. Consultants work with you to find business solutions, create strategic benchmarks and keep you on track towards your goals.


years of consulting experience


clients served


more sales (year over year)*

*experienced by MBU attendees versus comparable studios that didn't attend MBU

Comprehensive instruction, tailored for your business.

Highly-focused, personalized advice and training on a wide range of needs.

Key Performance Indicators

Get insights into your business performance—learn how to run key reports, analyze your data, set targets and gauge the success of your initiatives.


Learn effective pricing strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention, including introductory offers, autopays, social buying and more.

Client Retention

Explore MINDBODY tools that track customer behavior. Keep your customers coming back with proven strategies that you can implement quickly and easily.


Gain valuable insights into improving your profitability, from budgeting and operating expenses to cash flow and forecasting for the future.


Optimize your schedule to keep your offerings full and profitable, and explore the full capabilities of MINDBODY to help generate revenue.


Create effective sales strategies and incentive programs to help you optimize your conversion and retention rates.


Learn the most useful strategies for bringing in new clients, from creating a marketing plan to developing a marketing toolkit and more.

Systems Optimization

Use MINDBODY to automate business workflows such as check-in and online registration and give your staff more effective tools to serve your customers.

Staffing and Training

Manage your staff more efficiently—from hiring and training new employees to payroll and incentivizing current staff—and set software permissions that protect your business.

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MINDBODY is always looking for certified consultants to help our clients grow their businesses. Get details about curriculum, registration, pricing and more.

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