A wellness program with something for everyone.

With MINDBODY Connect Workplace, employees can do everything from scheduling a massage, booking a yoga class or reserving a personal training session, all from their phone.

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Promote healthy behavior with options as diverse as your employees.

Encourage your staff with the tools and variety they need to get, be and stay healthy.

Wellness anywhere, even on the go.

With the MINDBODY Connect™ app, employees can search the network and book and pay for the wellness services of their choice, right from their phone.

The right incentive for every employee.

Encourage healthy habits with a prepaid MINDBODY Card where employees can pay for everything from a massage to a yoga class to personal training.

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Powerful tools. Powerful results.

Stay up-to-date with real-time reports, all viewable from a user-friendly dashboard.

View program performance.

Monitor everything from the total number of services booked to popular businesses to employee reviews, all right from your dashboard.

Gain insight into employee participation.

Take a deeper look into each employee’s spending choices, and view the total money used at each location for any period of time.

See How it Works for Employers

Experience the benefits of a viable wellness program.

Companies worldwide are offering wellness programs to their employees. With numbers like these it’s easy to see why.


Attract Top Talent

87% of job seekers use an employer’s health and wellness benefits as a determining factor when deciding where to apply.


Lower Healthcare Costs

61% of companies found wellness programs keep healthcare costs down.


Save Money

33%+ more savings for every dollar invested in a company wellness program.


Lower Attrition

83% of employees said they were more likely to stay at a job that offered a wellness program.

We know it works.

We're passionate about MINDBODY Connect Workplace because we’ve seen the results with our own employees.

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Michael uses his MINDBODY Card for yoga classes

Laura uses her MINDBODY Card for massage

AJ uses his MINDBODY Card for personal training