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Lead Management

Streamline your sales pipeline

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and sticky notes—and meet a built-in lead management system that tracks, nurtures, and turns sales leads into members of your community.

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Front desk computer with lead management screen
Sales pipeline screen with client info and various stages

One CRM system—countless sales possibilities

Manage new leads and turn them into regulars with an integrated dashboard that amplifies your sales. A built-in pipeline, easy-access client profiles, scheduled follow-ups—and the tools to measure your performance.

Lead management sales funnel dashboard with lead info and sales stage

Never miss a new lead

Quickly view your entire sales funnel—your new lead management system automatically pulls in new client profiles and tagged leads.

Lead profile with outreach info and date/time follow-up reminders

Help your team reach out at the right time

Give staff the tools they need to effectively connect and follow up with leads at every stage of the sales process.

Lead timeline with dated outreach info and filtering options

Make your pipeline personal

See all lead touchpoints in a single timeline with easy access to detailed account information and follow-up activity.

Simplify your sales with a built-in CRM

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