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Minimize Contact While Maximizing Revenue with Messenger[ai]

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Minimize Contact While Maximizing Revenue with Messenger[ai]

Whether you own or manage a salon, spa, or wellness business, the services you provide inherently require people to be closer than six feet apart (can you imagine that pedicure?). In the wake of the coronavirus, you want to do everything you can to minimize risk for anyone who visits your business.

How do you keep your clients and your team safe and healthy at your salon, spa, or wellness business during this pandemic? Reduce contact wherever you can. 

How can you make this work? By offering a low-touch journey. This means reducing your clients' physical contact with your staff where it's not necessary—from the point of booking the appointment on.

Download our guide and see how Messenger[ai], Mindbody's AI receptionist, provides the personal "touch" your clients love—without contact. Learn how Messenger[ai]: 

  • Helps your clients skip the front desk and makes booking appointments easier than ever (the walk-in is over)
  • Can communicate any changes in protocol to clients since your reopening, like requiring clients to wear masks, and can encourage and remind clients to fill out any forms before they even arrive (no more shared clipboard and tablets)
  • Lets you ditch the waiting room; client check-in with Messenger[ai] means an easy way for clients to text your business upon arrival and gives you a chance to text back when you're ready for them (especially important when you can only have so many people in your business at once)
  • Makes your checkout process contactless by capturing payment info from your clients securely (no more handling credit cards at the front desk) 
  • Follows up with your clients after their service and asking if they're ready to rebook (rounding out your clients' low-touch journey with stellar customer service and filling your schedule) 
  • Supports your team of stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, etc. by answering clients' questions (including inquiries about personal protective equipment and new cleaning procedures) and letting you broadcast messages to everyone at once
  • Is your new front-desk employee working 24/7 for your salon, spa, or wellness business, offering top-notch customer service without any additional physical contact
Woman sitting cross legged using her phone


Minimize Contact While Maximizing Revenue with Messenger[ai]
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