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How to Retain Members at Your Cycling Studio

Two clients checking in at a cycling studio


How to Retain Members at Your Cycling Studio

When an indoor cycling class turns into a weekly ride among friends, that’s when you know your cycling studio has really transformed into a community. Making this transition is not only rewarding, but it’s the way to build a healthier fitness business.

For all the effort you put into making each ride special—helping clients pick the perfect bike, assisting to lock those cycling shoes into place, introducing them to the instructor—your efforts shouldn't stop when clients leave the studio. After all, you want to build a lasting relationship with members.

Your classes are your passion, and it’s possible to keep most of your focus on what you love—you just need a little help.

FitMetrix by Mindbody can help you make what’s special about your studio stay with your members long after they get off their bikes. Once you get started with FitMetrix, you’ll be able to show performance metrics for every ride, let your members customize their own workouts with themed fitness challenges, and give them the power to access data from every indoor cycling class via their phone or tablet whenever they’d like.

Download our guide to boosting retention at your indoor cycling studio. You’ll get an overview of the following:

  • Why your business depends on keeping regulars coming into the studio (memberships = recurring revenue)

  • How to make each ride at your facility more engaging, thanks to tools from Fitmetrix by MINDBODY

  • How to add energy to class with add-ons like themed fitness challenges and real-time performance tracking in your facility

  • How to go from a no-frills workout to a customized experience that keeps members excited

  • How to make the jump from a spin studio to a fitness community

  • Which moments of communication between instructors and members can be automated

  • What to offer those loyal, high-energy clients on membership (hint: rewards for first-ride referrals)

  • How to give your members access to indoor cycling performance metrics after class

Two clients checking in at a cycling studio


How to Retain Members at Your Cycling Studio
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