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Mindbody Customer Story

Why MuscleRx Switched From Acuity and Zoho To Mindbody’s All-in-One Solution

MuscleRx Story

Behind every person with excellent mobility is a skilled mobility specialist. That’s where MuscleRx comes in. A women-owned business founded by Elechia Morgan, MuscleRx offers a proprietary therapy proven to reprogram muscle memory patterns for long-term pain relief and improved mobility, stability, and function.

With a background in nursing and integrative healthcare, Morgan saw an opportunity to apply her extensive manual therapy research in a new way. The stars aligned and opportunities opened for her to test these techniques at established medical facilities. Again and again, Morgan’s approach proved successful, and she established trust within the community. Then in June 2013, with an eight-week reserve of clientele, she opened MuscleRx.

Although MuscleRx is one of the newest medical practices in the United States, it’s one of the safest and most effective. “Patients come to us seeking freedom from movement restrictions—often after trying chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, steroid shots, or pain meds with no luck,” Morgan explains. “Our therapy is quick and effective, with a 93% success rate with over 6,000 clients.” 

The growing MuscleRx team now consists of on-staff Corrective Manual Practitioners, including athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and kinesiologists, with extensive sports experience.   

To bring functional mobility to more people, Morgan has set her sights on big goals. These are a few of the vital steps Morgan and her team are taking to poise MuscleRx for nationwide growth over the next five years. 

Balancing growth with personalization 

For Morgan, the MuscleRx mission is simple: help as many people as possible move past pain and get back to living without movement restriction.  

“We work with anyone who wants to improve their health through natural methods,” she says. “We want people who are open-minded about alternative solutions, without the need for pharmaceuticals.”  

As muscle-memory experts, the certified Corrective Manual Practitioners at MuscleRx provide highly-personalized functional therapy. “We can program the body to do whatever we want it to do. It’s our superpower,” says Morgan. 

Since opening, MuscleRx has seen a growing demand: “For four years straight, MuscleRx more than doubled in revenue,” Morgan shares. “And in the past three years, we’ve been able to add a second location, hire more staff, and stabilize our operations to reach our next goals for growth.” 

But to stay the course for exponential growth—while still offering the same personalized service—Morgan knew she needed to get the right processes and systems in place. That’s where Mindbody comes into the picture.

The art of consolidation  

With any growth comes growing pains. For MuscleRx, one of the biggest challenges to-date was finding a business management system to centralize everything in one place. “Systems have always been a headache for us,” says Morgan. “With our need for HIPAA compliance, our options for scheduling systems are limited.” 

Enter Mindbody: “Mindbody covers 80% of our needs right now, which is HUGE! Previously, we had three systems to do what Mindbody is doing for us now. Mindbody is the scalable, one-stop-shop we were looking for,” says Morgan.  

Before Mindbody, MuscleRx was using Acuity for scheduling and Zoho to manage other areas of the business. Since switching to Mindbody, MuscleRx has increased day-to-day efficiencies across both locations—from scheduling and communication to marketing and reporting. All in one place.  

“We chose Mindbody because we knew it could scale with us as we add more locations,” Morgan explains. “It helps us manage our business without taking time to do things manually.”

Big goals on the horizon   

So, what’s the MuscleRx team doing with all the time they save with Mindbody? Setting impressive growth goals—and making time for their personal wellness, too.  

“We continue to exceed our expectations and hope to have over 200 locations across the country in the next five years,” says Morgan. “This is one of the main reasons we moved MuscleRx to Mindbody. We needed a system with a great scheduling solution, as well as a way to communicate effectively with current and potential clients.” 

As for the team’s personal wellness goals, Morgan concludes: “Because our bodies are the tools we use to help others, we also make time to care for ourselves. We all enjoy exercising regularly and taking breaks to walk outside. We find gratitude each day that we can be here to improve the lives of others.” 

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