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A group of students at UNDRCARD Boxing

Typically, if you were to take a class at UNDRCARD Boxing at either its Calgary or Toronto studio, you would be punching professional-grade boxing bags and immersed in a club-like atmosphere with choreographed music and lights. But now an UNDRCARD class looks a bit different—you can stream a class regardless of where you’re located, and you don’t need any equipment to work out.

One thing has remained the same: The staff at UNDRCARD is paying attention to you. There’s no hiding from the instructors when you attend a live class. The studio lives by the motto, “#cornercrew”—the trainers are there to push you to your limits and achieve your goals.

CEO Joanna “Magik” Majcherkiewicz is no exception to this—in a recent live stream, she caught an attendee not doing push-ups and reminded them of why they were in the class. The impressive part? There were 400 attendees on that live streamed class.

“When there are 400 people on one of our streams you feel that real, in-the-moment energy that you’re not in this alone,” Majcherkiewicz said.

A dog in front of UNDRCARD boxing gloves

The live streaming experience has helped UNDRCARD deepen its bond between customers and trainers. Streams can include a birthday celebration, an introduction of a pet, or even dance-offs.

To translate the in-studio magic to a live streamed sweat session, UNDRCARD is utilizing Mindbody to drive virtual bookings and manage registrations for classes. They look for new students before each class, being sure to recognize anyone who has a green “first visit” star in the software, among other things.

“We’re running reports to see how many classes they’ve done,” Majcherkiewicz said. “We say things like ‘Good to have you back.’”

UNDRCARD is currently running classes on a pay-as-you-can, donation-based system, so Majcherkiewicz and her team can recognize their biggest donors through Mindbody reporting.

Boxing bags at UNDRCARD

“Knowing who are our generous donors is great for instructors to know,” Majcherkiewicz said. “We celebrate everybody who donates because we don’t know anyone’s story fully—and it’s really helping the instructors out.”

The instructors, including Majcherkiewicz, are trained to keep their live streams real—just like they would be if the class took place in one of the gyms.

“The whole live part is important,” Majcherkiewicz said. “Because a big part of our brand personality is being in the moment and feeling the energy, there’s something different knowing that you’re experiencing it at the same time.”

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