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Sweet Balance Yoga Studio and Spa

An older woman practicing yoga at Sweet Balance

The classes are small. There's little to no signage. For some studios, these would be concerns or stressors. At Sweet Balance Yoga Studio and Spa in Wakefield, Massachusetts, it's part of its charm. 

A small studio with big goals

Ahhh Sweet Balance was born in 2013 when Chanelle Camire was a traveling yoga instructor—her intention was to become an international yoga teacher. But then in 2015, Camire partnered with her cousin (and soul sister) Sandra Mackin to create a home for Sweet Balance. As they created a home for the studio, they wanted to create a space where anyone could come to embrace self-love and practice. They consciously kept the studio small, focusing on customer experience and creating a small, close-knit community. 

Then in 2017, they found they had space to add more services to support self-love and self-care for their community. They added spa services and rebranded to Sweet Balance Yoga Studio and Spa. Now three years later, it’s time to embrace change again—Sandra Mackin has been on maternity leave since April 2019 and Camire knew that it was time for her to go all-in managing the business. Camire knew she needed to learn how to run the business, leadership, and team-building skills. 

To do this, Camire decided to attend Mindbody University. 

What is Mindbody University?

Mindbody University is multiple days of business education taught by experienced consultants and Mindbody technical advisors, to empower clients with the software knowledge they need to make data-driven decisions in their business.

Finding a support system

Being a business owner is hard—you have to balance leadership, customer service, and marketing savvy, sometimes within one five-minute conversation. So when Camire arrived at Mindbody University in New York, she was delighted to find like-minded professionals with similar experiences. "I met my people," she said. "Being with all of the business owners and managers, I got to see that I wasn't alone in my day-to-day experiences." 

As the days of education progressed, Camire felt her confidence grow as she learned from others' experiences and hearing their perspectives on her questions. "It's a home for leaders," Camire said. "I feel like if anyone feels stuck, tired, or angry, they need to come to MBU. They will light up."

A man practicing yoga at Sweet Balance

Empowered by numbers

Camire didn't leave MBU with just a support system and revitalized love for her business; she left with a new appreciation of her key performance indicators. Before Mindbody University, Camire said she wasn't a numbers person—but after a few sessions, she began to feel empowered by her KPIs. 

“Being at Mindbody University, I was like, ‘I am a strong woman. I’m good at numbers. I will learn these numbers’,” Camire said. “I started to feel sexy because I started to feel empowered, and that was awesome!” 

Sandra Mackin and Chanelle Camire

The love of numbers didn’t stop at Sweet Balance’s KPIs, though—Mindbody advisors share industry statistics throughout sessions, allowing owners like Camire to see where they stack up to the rest of the industry. 

"MBU made me realize that Mindbody is truly invested in our success," Camire said. "Mindbody is literally holding a blueprint for how we can run successful businesses. All of the information that they're pouring into us is real data." 

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