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How WellBiz Brands Uses Data for Franchising Success

A massage therapist's hands at Elements Massage

Managing success at scale and across brands isn’t easy. To do it, WellBiz Brands uses data to drive campaigns and decisions.

From one location to multiple brands

WellBiz started as Fitness TogetherⓇ, a personal training studio in the Phoenix area in 1983. Soon after, the brand opened a few more locations before moving to Colorado to begin franchising. Then in the mid-2000s, the brand joined with Elements MassageⓇ and started franchising locations of the massage studio as well.

At about the same time, WellBiz was approached by Mindbody as a solution for managing the growing business, both as a business management software and a way to build a dedicated team of account managers to help grow and scale Fitness Together and Elements Massage.

Using Mindbody for data intelligence

This team of dedicated Mindbody staff helped WellBiz solve a common business problem: how do you know what to measure and which KPIs are vital? As a long-time Mindbody customer, WellBiz had access to years of data, and its account manager helped set up access to views within Mindbody’s data library and build custom views across its franchisee locations.

But WellBiz’s connection to Mindbody doesn’t just support reacting to data—it helps ensure that data is accurate from the beginning. For example, when WellBiz has a new product or service to release, the brand contacts the Mindbody account managers and have them deploy updates across all of their business sites at once, which reduces errors and other complications to allow for accurate reporting.

With this data and supplementary analysis, WellBiz can take a data-first approach to decision making on everything from marketing to franchisee coaching.

Looking at data across brands and locations

Knowing your business data is key to business success. No one knows this better than Jessica Pratt, Senior Director of Business Systems for WellBiz Brands.

“If you don’t have data, you don’t really know your business,” Pratt said.

While using data to drive business decisions isn’t unique to WellBiz Brands, the franchise organization has a different approach to it than other wellness companies. Fitness Together and Elements Massage each have 200 locations, and WellBiz needs to see data at the individual location level, the brand level, and across the portfolio to make decisions about where the business should go next. It can be complicated, but when used correctly, it’s a powerful competitive advantage.

One of these advantages of using data is identifying franchise locations that are excelling—or need coaching. “Data gives us credibility,” Pratt said. “We can actually say the successful studios are doing these things, and here’s how they’re successful.”

By using data to drive decisions and strategy, WellBiz can continue to ensure that franchisees are delivering a high-quality experience, regardless of how many of them there are.

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