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Dancers at BOLD 2019

This Yoga Studio Owner’s Take on BOLD Will Inspire You

By Katie Donzanti

I wasn’t planning on attending BOLD back in August. With about three months left until the conference took place, I was feeling overwhelmed with my business, tired from some staff turbulence, and just generally dead from being a mom to a two-year-old. I am usually very decisive but found myself in a season of paralysis by analysis when I contemplated attending the 2019 Mindbody BOLD Conference.

My customer success manager, Eric, is a kindred spirit that I have come to truly appreciate and is very ingrained in my business. We talk once a month or more about progress, enlightening me with ways to improve, to talk about best practices, and the best ways to accomplish my goals.  On every status call, Eric would ask if I was going to BOLD and I would again begin to ponder it. 

Eric kept pushing.

Seeing the benefit of attending BOLD

I am so beyond thankful Eric kept urging me to attend BOLD. As I started seeing the announcements of the breakout sessions, I started to say to think: this is exactly what I have been wanting to learn. 

My business is The Peaceful Peacock and I am a new studio owner in a town that hasn’t always been friendly to newcomers. The possibility of connecting with other studio owners and learning things that could grow my business was really exciting. 

In the weeks leading up to the conference, my excitement started to build. I started getting insider tips, vendor offers, and help in how to plan my time at BOLD.

My BOLD experience 

Upon checking in to the conference, the air felt electric with possibility. I have been to a gazillion conferences because of my previous career and the energy of BOLD was immediately inspiring. 

There were photo ops, murals, and refreshments. Check-in led to finally getting to meet Eric in person and I was able to express my gratitude for the hard work sunk into my studio over the past year.

As Eric and I were catching up, we chatted with some other friendly Mindbody team members who introduced me to a Mindbody Champion named Terri Frye.

Embracing the Mindbody community

Mindbody Champions are highly-engaged leaders in the platform, and champion business owners who have committed to helping elevate the business owner-to-owner connection while they establish community within the user population. 

These people care. They mean business. They have seen it help their businesses grow. They want to help others grow.

Within 10 minutes, I was able to get to know Terri, share my reasons for attending the conference and was able to gain valuable wisdom from her about my rate structure at the studio. I could begin to see that all the things that I was really struggling with within my business were suddenly safe to talk about at BOLD—and there was collective wisdom oozing from everyone I met.

We then strolled the exhibit hall that was fully stocked with Mindbody partners, leading lifestyle brands, and service providers eager to understand your needs if you stop to chat. My favorite was the MyIntent Project bracelet. Everyone was able to submit an intention before the conference and pick up your personalized bracelet upon arrival. So thoughtful!

Terri had invited me to dinner that first night with some other advocates from Mindbody One. Mindbody One is a community for business owners and managers that use the software platform. We had a great evening chatting with each other, sharing wins, sharing struggles, and comparing conference schedules.

Why I’ll never second guess attending a BOLD Conference

This conference was jam-packed with value as I flowed from breakout sessions to keynotes to workshops to wellness breaks. The Mindbody team really served up an incredible list of presenters, experts, topics, ways to learn, and moments of self-care. 

The conference app made getting around and giving feedback a breeze. This was such an easy tool to be able to plan out my days and fit everything in that I wanted to.

One area that I am focusing more on in my business moving forward is financials. Every financial breakout session I attended offered valuable insight, workable tips, and actionable next steps. I had a lot to think about and this conference also validated some of the things I had been holding back on, like just getting a bookkeeper. Okay so maybe financials isn’t all that glamorous...but seeing Kristen Bell is.

Being able to be present while I listened to Kristen Bell’s very authentic portrayal of her life, balance, and business was inspiring. Being able to share space watching a panel of humans looking to make wellness providers more welcoming and inclusive spaces spoke to my heart. 

Attending all the mixers, social media seminars, and content workshops got me fired up to put my business out there.

For everything I thought I was going to get out of going to BOLD, I got that and then some. I still can’t believe the level of forward-thinking learning, support, authentic connections, and inspiring work to take home that I left with. I learned that I can be successful and my business can grow when you accept knowledge and share wisdom.

I left the conference refreshed, motivated, bolder, and wiser. I am all in.

I will be back. See you all August 25-27, in NYC for BOLD 2020!

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About the author:

Katie Donzanti

Guest Blogger

Head Peacock and Owner of The Peaceful Peacock

Originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Katie is a student of Yoga and Digital Marketing Consultant, making her an unconventional, yet passionate yoga studio owner. Seeing major gaps and under-served populations in the Orlando yoga scene, she wanted to bring a new style of studio for her neighbors to carve out time and space for peace. She is a wife, mother, friend, tireless animal rescue advocate, dog-training apprentice, UCF graduate, philanthropist, cheese connoisseur, Elvis fanatic, peacock herder and proud changemaker. She is grateful for the chance to build something meaningful in the community and really darn proud of her Peaceful Peacock Flock Family. 


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