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Mindbody University Bootcamp - The Hybrid Future

By Katie Philipp

While in-studio sessions are gearing back up in fitness and wellness studios around the world, our research tells us that virtual fitness is here to stay. Many businesses have quickly pivoted to accommodate customers who feel more comfortable consuming services entirely from home, or who have modified their routines to include a combination of in-person and virtual. This bootcamp provides guidance and best practices on building a schedule, pricing, brand messaging, and new processes around this new hybrid model of business. Join us on September 29, from 9 AM - 12:45 PM PDT. 

Welcome & Introduction to the Community

Kate Nelson – Mindbody One Community Manager

Katie Philipp – Mindbody Senior Business Education Specialist

Learn how to make the most of today's bootcamp and how to leverage the Mindbody One Community for support and growth. We’re so happy you've joined us!

Intelligent Pricing for a Hybrid Model

Chris Beer – Mindbody Certified Consultant

Pricing has always been contingent on capacity, but now more than ever. Learn how to assess the factors that matter most to your pricing strategy and how to create membership and package models that fit the design of your new hybrid business. Discover how to optimize your pricing for highest profit margin and improved retention, creating a foundation for commitment.

Branding & Promoting a Hybrid Model

Connie Holen – Mindbody Certified Consultant

Is your brand messaging hitting the mark when it comes to new customer expectations? This session covers how to communicate the value of your virtual offerings through effective channels, how to streamline your package and pricing pages and craft a brand message that embraces the needs of each potential consumer.  

Creating a Sales Process for Your Hybrid Model

Josh Biro – Mindbody Certified Consultant

Whether in-person or online, once you have captivated interest from a consumer, streamlining your sales process and communication with customers is one of the fastest ways to grow your bottom line. Learn sales best practices and how to use Mindbody for effective sales communication and follow-up. Explore ways to train, galvanize and effectively incentivize your entire team, so that everyone is invested in the process.

The Numbers That Matter Most – Key Metrics for a Hybrid Model

Patrick McClintock – Senior Business Education Specialist

Understanding the key indicators that drive the business are critical to success. The reporting capabilities in Mindbody are immense and sometimes intimidating. This session drills down on the information that is most important to you, outlines the power of the tagging features that help to customize reports, and how you to store relevant reports in a convenient dashboard.

Guided Meditation

Blake Beltram – Co-founder Mindbody

About the author:

Katie Philipp Headshot

Katie Philipp

Senior Business Education Specialist

Katie is a North Carolina native who fell in love with the California coastline and decided to make it her home in 2011. She has been long involved in the world of holistic health as both a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and classical Pilates enthusiast. She joined the Mindbody team in 2012. When Katie is not working, she has a passion for studying holistic nutrition, hiking, cooking, playing cribbage, and spending time with her family and friends.

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