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Mindbody University Bootcamp: Deliver Virtual Services

By Katie Philipp

Even as we slowly phase back into in-person, brick-and-mortar business, our research tells us that virtual wellness is here to stay. And it’s critical that you have every tool you need to continue delivering your services to your clients right now.

That’s why we created a special, online edition of Mindbody University. It focuses on how to use our video features to serve and stay connected with your clients via live streaming and video on demand. And, we’re offering this educational opportunity for free in the Mindbody One community during COVID-19 (normally a $199 value).

Now’s the time to join the community to access recordings of the following must-watch sessions:


Kate Nelson – Mindbody One Community Manager, Mindbody

Katie Philipp – Senior Business Education Specialist, Mindbody

Learn how to make the most of your day with us and how to leverage the resources and tools available that will help your business grow. We’re so happy you’re here with us!

Latest Consumer Trends Within the Virtual Marketplace

Amaya Weddle – VP Product & Research, Mindbody

The wellness industry has been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, specific sectors of the industry have shown amazing resilience and innovation in adapting to this new landscape. The businesses that will survive will be those that think creatively, adapt quickly, and accurately position themselves to meet the needs of the post-COVID-19 consumer. This session examines the ways that consumer behavior has shifted, as well as the general trends that will affect the wellness industry as a whole. 

Intelligent Pricing and Best Practices for Your Virtual Offerings

Crystal Zakaluzny – Mindbody Certified Software & Business Consultant 

As consumer trends shift to a new normal, the fitness schedule of the future may look different from the brick and mortar one of the past. Learn how to adjust your offerings and compose a schedule and pricing options that can accommodate a hybrid of in-person and virtual offerings. Learn best practices for crafting appealing membership opportunities and creating an effective sales process that speaks to your new consumers.   

Explore the Mindbody One Community

Kate Nelson – Mindbody One Community Manager, Mindbody

See how the Mindbody One Community can be a source of inspiration and support as well as tips and tools for business growth. 

Staff Management in a Virtual World

Roxy Borger - Mindbody Certified Business Consultant 

Leadership of a virtual team looks quite different than within your brick and mortar space. We’ll explore the intricacies of managing this new landscape of operations and processes. We’ll also explore new human resource considerations that you may need to think about. One thing that can remain the same—setting clear expectations and gauging performance through data. This session shows you how.

Digital Communication Strategy

Connie Holen – Mindbody Certified Business Consultant 

The course takes you through steps in identifying your target market for your virtual offerings. Learn to identify the features and benefits of your virtual offerings that help you stand out in the crowd. By knowing what makes your virtual offerings unique, and what customers will be attracted to them, you can begin to identify common characteristics of your potential market. Business owners often find themselves with little to no knowledge of how to create a digital advertising strategy. This class will show you the best practices to differentiate your virtual services and how to automate your website lead funnel so it is designed to convert.

Live Streaming Best Practices

Lauren & Michael McAlister - McAlister Training

Coming to you from inside their San Luis Obispo-based studio, Lauren and Michael host a casual conversation around the tips and strategies they’ve come to find work best for live streaming promotion, preparation and execution.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Virtual Wellness

Josh Biro – Mindbody Certified Business Consultant 

Learn the best practices used for creating social media audiences, running targeted ads, and crafting your social media strategy for your virtual offerings. Review the major social platforms and how to ensure you are targeting the correct prospects and using the best practices within each social channel. Your future virtual clients are interacting with you right now, before they even book a session – and your virtual clients may be different from the clients that walk through your doors.

Do you have a marketing strategy that reaches them along every touchpoint of the customer journey? In this session we cover ways to create an integrated and seamless marketing strategy across search, social, and mobile platforms—one that increases your visibility and enhances customer experience and retention.

Product Showcase – Mindbody’s New Virtual Offering

Molly Abbott - Product Marketing Manager, Mindbody

This session takes you through a step-by-step walkthrough of this new Mindbody product. You don’t need a sophisticated camera or equipment to use this feature—even a simple smart phone will work. And, it’s integrated with your software, so clients can easily login as usual, book, and enjoy a virtual workout from their living rooms. Connect with clients around the globe in real time and show them the value of your services by streaming your fitness classes live. Whether you teach yoga, Pilates, HIIT, strength training, or any kind of fitness, delivering virtual classes will help keep your clients loyal.

Conclusion & Guided Meditation

Special Guest: Blake Beltram – Mindbody Co-founder & Creator of Mindbody One Community

Our next Mindbody University Bootcamp, on June 4, 2020, is dedicated to marketing best practices in the new normal.

Want to learn how to reboot your marketing?

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About the author:

Katie Philipp Headshot

Katie Philipp

Senior Business Education Specialist

Katie is a North Carolina native who fell in love with the California coastline and decided to make it her home in 2011. She has been long involved in the world of holistic health as both a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and classical Pilates enthusiast. She joined the Mindbody team in 2012. When Katie is not working, she has a passion for studying holistic nutrition, hiking, cooking, playing cribbage, and spending time with her family and friends.

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