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Meet Mindbody: Inclusion, Diversity, and Acceptance as a Uniting Obligation

One thing I’ve come to love most about being a part of Mindbody is the unequivocal want and openness to collaborate on projects that fall within or outside of one’s day-to-day. Asking for a different perspective, an extra set of eyes, a sounding board, or a fresh take is never more than a Slack away. If this tangible connection doesn’t scream Mindbody, and our mission to enable powerful wellness experiences, AKA, authentic connection, I don’t know what does.

This authentic connection also means being able to understand the rich and diverse wellness community around us. With National Hispanic Heritage Month in full swing, I looked to our Mindbody United Employee Resource Group to help shine some light on what it means to the group, and for the community at large. In this installment of Meet Mindbody, I chat with Hugo Moreno, Mindbody Strategic Account Manager to the stars, and discuss his role here, what brought him to the Mindbody community, Hispanic Heritage Month, and moving the needle on inclusivity in wellness.

Will Price: Hugo! So stoked to connect. Let’s dive right in. What do you do at Mindbody, and what brought you here?

Hugo Moreno: I am Strategic Account Manager, meaning I have the pleasure of working with our Enterprise-level clients, making sure their Mindbody experience is the best it can be.

When looking at roles, I was looking for one that would multiply my impact on my community. I felt a need to help others, and Mindbody created a path directly to the leaders in the wellness movement. I wanted to feel proud of what I did for a living.

WP: What keeps you coming back to work each day?

HM: Seeing the impact my clients have on the people around them, we are supporting a movement, not just a business. Day in, day out, we have the opportunity to introduce someone new to the world of self-care. Few—if any—jobs offer this type of reward.

WP: Why did you join the Mindbody United (MB United) Employee Resource Group (ERG)?

HM: Joining Mindbody United meant the ability to help others within Mindbody feel as welcome as I when I was onboarded to this wonderful company.

Inclusion, diversity, and acceptance are core values that my family and I live by every day. Seeing it in that light, I had no choice, really. It was an obligation of mine.

WP: Why is the MB United group important at Mindbody, specifically?

HM: Unity takes effort and hard work. You need a team that fosters that culture within areas of the company that can help spread it to every corner and every office. That’s why the MB United group is important at Mindbody.

WP: Why is the MB United group important for the wellness industry at large?

HM: The wellness industry is vital to set trends and adopt new norms. We need the wellness industry to help us change the way we think of each other and interact with others, as well as celebrate our differences. The MB United group fosters this mentality from the inside out.

WP: General thought—what does wellness mean to you?

HM: What does wellness mean to me? Happiness. Wellness is whatever makes you happy: working out, getting a massage, getting your nails done, or getting some highlights in your hair. Wellness is anything that focuses on the most important person in your life—yourself.

WP: How do you personally practice wellness?

HM: I personally practice wellness in several ways. I ride my cycle for up to 20 minutes daily. Also, I practice meditation daily before I go to bed. On the weekends, the family and I participate in wellness through outdoor activities together: hiking, fishing, or day camping. Once a month, we volunteer our time locally by serving meals to the needy.

WP: What about in your professional life? How do you practice wellness?

HM: Professionally, I respect my break times and use them to either get up from my desk and stretch or do a brief walk around my block. The key is to disconnect for five to ten minutes. You can come back so refreshed, ready to face any challenge!

WP: What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

HM: National Hispanic Heritage Month means that I have an opportunity to teach others the wonders of my Mesoamerican roots as well as the rich culture my ancestors left for us.

To share stories from the Olmec and the Aztecs and pass on their beliefs so that my friends and family have a better view of our Mexican traditions. I believe that education builds a clear path to acceptance, and I would love for all my fellow Hispanics to feel accepted here and abroad!

WP: Do you feel as though the wellness community, in general, promotes inclusivity? If yes, what does it do well? If not, what does it need to work on?

HM: I feel that the wellness industry is leading the way with inclusivity, but we need support to keep that change intact outside of their scope. I truly believe that it takes a village, so it will take a collective effort to make the change and maintain it.

WP: Anything else you'd like to add? General thoughts on wellness? What you'd like to see happen in the wellness community? Parting shots?

HM: In Mexico, on September 16th we celebrate our independence every year with " El Grito.” “El Grito” commemorates the actions of the priest, Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla, from September 16, 1810, when he rang the church bells and proclaimed that the revolution against Spain had officially commenced!

"Grito" is a statement made of the rights he demanded for the Mexican people; VIVA LA LIBERTAD, VIVA LA JUSTICIA, VIVA LA IGUALDAD, VIVA MEXICO!!! I make these same requests today! Que Viva todas las personas de este mundo! Thank you! Familia Moreno Guzmán.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mindbody United Employee Resource Group, our efforts, and how equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging come to life at Mindbody, please visit the DEIB Resource Center.

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Photo attribution: David Valdez—Hispanic Heritage Select Photos (NAID 6190393) from the National Archives, accessed at:

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