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Improve Your Checkout Process with Poynt

By Meredith Simmons

After working in the beauty industry for sixteen years, Rachel Williams realized that many beauty decisions are made based out of fear. To combat this, she decided to open Lorde Beauty online, and then additionally, a boutique and spa in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lorde is a luxury clean cosmetics business built around the premise of making women feel loved and comfortable in their own skin, while equipping clients to make healthier beauty choices for themselves and for the environment.

I wanted every single thing, from source to experience, to embody beauty, power and love,” Rachel said. “When we feel beautiful, we do more powerful things. We show love in really great ways and that goes from ourselves to our community and our environment.”

Rachel’s commitment to making women feel loved is evident in the products she carries—all amazing for the skin and the environment, and reflects the tagline she chose for Lorde: Beauty. Power. Love. At Lorde, the tagline isn’t just a marketing tool. It’s how Rachel defines and guides every experience she has with her customers. Her goal is to ensure that the relationships she has with her customers are intimate, uncomplicated and empowering.

“I like to see what my clients’ priorities are,” Rachel explained. “That really helps me know what to show them and what to educate them with. I like to equip women in a way that makes beauty is no longer a routine, but a ritual.”

Because of Rachel’s passion for customer service, she used to dread plugging in the credit swiper at the end of an appointment. Sometimes the swiper didn’t work, or took many attempts, making it uncomfortable for both the client and for her. Also, no credit card payment terminal matched Lorde’s aesthetic.

Then Rachel tried Poynt, an all-in-one point of sale system, and it completely changed the way she interacted with her clients after an appointment.

“There's no fussing with a plug-in slide attachment, which would get really frustrating,” Rachel said. “The client side of the screen prompts to confirm the amount, how they would like their receipt, and even select their tip amount-all on their private screen! I no longer need to ask these prompt questions, because Poynt does it. I can now focus on educating my clients about the products they’re purchasing, answer any questions they have, and rebook for their next appointment. Poynt makes everything at check out more enjoyable and efficient.”

Plus, for Rachel, the sleek look of Poynt matches her brand, making taking payment seem integrated with the rest of her boutique’s ambiance.

“It’s sexy, it’s small and compact,” Rachel explained. “The minute my clients saw Poynt, they’d say ‘Wow! That’s so beautiful. I really love having my own screen too!’”

But her clients aren’t just happy with the way Poynt looks—they also love how secure it makes them feel about their credit card information.

“My clients insert a card, it beeps, they remove it and it’s back in their hands,” Rachel said. “It’s more of an enjoyable experience.”

The rest of the team at Lorde also love the Poynt device. Rachel plans on having multiple terminals at her new spa and boutique that just opened, and recommends other business owners to do the same.

“If you want to elevate your customer experience, and also elevate your professionalism, Poynt automatically does that,” Rachel said. “You have to experience it.”


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About the author:

Meredith Simmons

Senior Content Marketing Specialist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Meredith is an avid sports fan and group fitness addict, which lead to her becoming a certified fitness instructor in 2019. A long-time Mindbodyian, Meredith helps tell the stories of the thousands of businesses using Mindbody to make the world a happier and healthier place.


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