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How To Win More Referrals and Keep Existing Customers Happy

Having the mindset to improve yourself is a great start, but getting results in fitness and wellness requires action, accountability, and tracking. The same is true of customer experience. You’ve got things handled logistically on the front end, but if you’re not consistently monitoring and following up with how your clients feel about your business, it’s extremely difficult to strategize or discover any problems. The best regimen to boost your customer experience is the diligent use of a customer feedback system.

Demonstrating a commitment to customer service will inspire your customers to provide you with insight into the customer journey, share success stories, and spread the word to friends and colleagues. Keeping a finger on the pulse of client sentiment with consistent feedback can reveal operational issues before they become systemic problems. Discovering and immediately resolving these issues shows your clients how much you care even after they walk out the door at the end of a session. This builds trust, is proven to increase client retention, and can turn a potential bad review online into a glowing one.

Cultivating this external relationship with your clients can have noticeable internal impacts as well. Companies like Orangetheory Fitness – who swear by customer feedback share positive reviews from clients with their staff on a regular basis. Not only does this let them discover what’s working and what’s not to improve training, studies show that it boosts morale and productivity. Studies also show that these happy, motivated employees better interact with clients which ultimately makes them happier too. This starts a cycle of motivation that translates to more referrals, higher retention, and sustainable growth for your business.

Motivation plays an integral role in relationships with clients, and its applications clearly go far beyond simply energizing them to get into the gym or studio. As a fitness and wellness business, it’s your mission to help your clients become the best versions of themselves. Why not let them help you become the best version of your business?

At Listen360, we’ve worked with Mindbody to help businesses automate and streamline their customer feedback systems. That way, they can focus on growing their operations while knowing their relationship with current clients is as healthy as ever. Real-time updates are the best way to ensure the fastest possible response times when it comes to customer service issues. We also aggregate and analyze trends in feedback responses to help establish best practices across a network for multi-location businesses. With such a great dialogue with your client base, you can be sure your brand is one that you’re both be proud of.

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About the author:

Trey Nordone

Guest Blogger

Trey is a content creator with experience in business development, journalism, marketing, and digital media production across multiple industries. He currently works with Listen360 to create compelling content about the proven business and culture advantages of actively engaging customers and employees.

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