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How to Save Time Managing Instructor Substitutions

How much time do you spend on your instructor schedules and class substitutions? If the answer is more than a few minutes each week, this post is for you.   

You’ll inevitably need coverage for classes—vacations, holidays, and illnesses do come up—and a system to make the process (and your life) easier.  

Here's how you can do just that:  

Set yourself up for success 

Simple instructor substitution starts with how you onboard your team and plan your class schedule. 

Your onboarding process should include visibility, and in many cases, specific training for the various classes you offer. (Download our staffing template for fitness businesses to refine yours.)

Most importantly, all instructors—whether they teach one or 15 classes per week—should know how to provide a consistent and engaging experience across any class type. 

When planning your schedule, have multiple qualified instructors who are well-versed in each format and modality you offer.  

A good rule of thumb: If you don’t have stellar back-up instructors to step in, don’t add the class to your regular schedule just yet.  

Automate, automate, automate 

As with any repetitive and time-consuming task at your business, automation is the way to go with instructor substitutions and schedules.   

FitMetrix Group X Management makes it quick and easy for instructors to request and accept substitutions, as needed.  

Here’s how it works: 

  • An instructor requests a sub 

  • All qualified instructors are automatically notified via text message and/or email of the open request 

  • Once an instructor offers to sub, the admin approves the offer, or if automatic approval is set, the first instructor who offers to sub will be automatically approved 

Voila! Your class is covered, your instructors are happy, and you've saved time coordinating across your team and locations.  

Communicate with your clients

The clients signed up for class should be the first to know when there’s been a change to your schedule and their regular instructor.  

Instead of sending one-off emails or posting on social media, Group X does the work for you.  

As soon as an instructor sub has been confirmed, your MINDBODY schedule will be updated automatically and your clients notified via email.

How else can FitMetrix benefit your team and clients?

View the guide

About the author:

Lauren McAlister

Lauren McAlister

Senior Marketing Content Specialist


Lauren is the co-owner of a fitness studio and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Born and raised in California, Lauren has a heart for fitness, travel, and baking. She's also passionate about crafting meaningful content for others in the wellness space, which makes her role at Mindbody a perfect fit.


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