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Go Green With Branded Web Tools

By Mindbody

May 23, 2022

One of the big steps in the great quest of going green is to reduce the amount of paper you're using at your business.  A fantastic way to start is to do away with the new client registration forms you have at your front desk. 

Your current new client registration process probably goes a little something like this:

  1. The new client comes into your studio.
  2. Your front desk staff member hands them the clipboard with the registration papers.
  3. The new client takes a seat with the clipboard.
  4. The new client returns to the desk to get a new pen when the old one stops working.
  5. The client finishes filling out the form and hands it back.
  6. Your staff spends the next 7-10 minutes re-entering the information into your business management software.

The new client is already filling out the information, so wouldn't it be easier if it went into Mindbody while they were doing it? That’s the idea behind branded web tools.

Instead of having your new clients sit down with a pen and paper to give you their information, you can set up an iPad or laptop at your front desk, already open to the new client registration page of your website. Then it becomes as easy as pointing a newcomer to the page and asking them to click “Submit” when they’re done. Your staff member doesn't have to do a thing.

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