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Differentiate Your Offering to Attract Brand Loyalists with Mindbody Flex

By Bailey Clark

Congratulations on opting into Mindbody Flex! Your reach is about to expand in ways that you’ve never seen before as people from all over the country begin to work out with you. Now let’s talk about how you can fully bring your listing to life to attract and retain new brand loyalists. 

If you’re just getting started, you should check out our simple checklist to learn how to optimize your Flex listing to attract new customers. However, if you’re ready to learn in more detail how you can utilize Flex functionalities to differentiate your business against the millions of other online offerings, read on. 

Show off what makes your business unique

You opened your business with a passion to do things better than how other people were. You know your differentiators through and through, but do your potential customers know exactly what they are? We’re here with some pointers on how you can best showcase your unique value using your Flex listing, so potential customers book with you almost immediately upon finding you.

Eye catching photos

Photos are one of the best ways to engage people who are checking out your business and show them exactly who you are (like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!) and studies show it. According to Medium, 60% of people who search online say they prefer a business that has images in their listing and almost 70% of shoppers find product images very important when making a decision to purchase something online. 

Put some thought into what it is that makes your business stand out amongst others. Is it the high energy of your instructors? Include a picture that showcases that! 

PulsePDX Dance, Pilates and Weight Training

From our friends at PulsePDX’s Flex listing

You also want to make sure that the pictures you include are representative of all of the different types of offerings that you have. Let’s say your studio offers a wide array of fitness classes—from hip hop to mellow meditation sessions.  If a client or prospect came to your Mindbody Flex listing in search of a Zen meditation class, they would probably be thrown off if you only have images of people dancing under disco balls.  

Pro Tip: Utilize as many of the 10 picture slots as needed to display the different offerings of your business so that the imagery aligns with the description of what you are all about. Otherwise, people could be confused, and click away from your listing.  

Remember the golden rule—never use stock photos. It’s common for people to come across a business listing with stock photos and immediately think “why doesn’t this business have any pictures? Is it new? Is this a little bit sketchy?” and explore other options that have pictures of the experience so that they know what to expect. 

Optimize your description for people to find you through search

In our Flex optimization checklist, we talk about the importance of making sure that you’re diversifying the way that you’re talking about your offerings. The reason is that people will search for your offerings in different ways, especially now that you’re reaching potential customers across the country. 

Think about it this way—you offer fitness classes, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the phrase “fitness class” in your description to reach people that are searching that. But make sure that you’re also considering the other ways that people may be looking for this type of class, like “exercise class.”  

Pro Tip: If you want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases, you can ask your clients about the way they would search for your services or explore free keyword research tools like Answer The Public. 

Mighty Pilates does a great job of including the array of classes that they offer in their description, as you can see down below.

About the Studio Flex Listing

From Mightly Pilates' awesome Flex listing.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your description sounds authentic and natural. You never want to let the stuffing of key terms to get in the way of users connecting with your brand’s mission. 

Humanize your brand

Pro Tip: Familiarize your customers with the instructors that teach your classes by adding pictures, titles, and bios for each of your members. 

If new customers are impressed by an instructor bio or attend a class and fall in love with one of the instructors and want to return to more of their classes, they will be able to click on their name and see upcoming classes specifically offered by that person. Here's a great example from Burn Fitness

Mindbody flex class listing

Example from the lovely Flex profile of Burn Fitness.

This is a great way to draw in new customers and keep those who love your instructors coming back.

Make sure you aren’t leaving your customers guessing

The beauty of Mindbody Flex is that it opens up possibilities for people to engage in workouts that they’ve never done before. But as you know, that can be quite intimidating for many people. Below are some examples of how you can make sure that people are fully informed, and therefore comfortable, with signing up for your classes. 

For each class offering, include hearty class descriptions that: 

  1. Showcase the culture of your studio. Does your studio have a culture that creates best friends in each of your classes? If so, let your potential customer know that! In that case, they will likely be more inclined to join, knowing that there’s a potential accountability partner or two out of committing to classes at your studio. 

  1. Are keyword rich. Make sure that you’re being descriptive of each individual class that you offer so that people who are being hyper-specific in their search for the next best Vinyasa, will find you with ease. 

  1. Indicate of the level of the class (eg. beginner, intermediate, advanced). If you’re a beginner to Pilates, you’re going to make sure that the class you sign up for is not advanced. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced practitioner, you’re going to yawn in a beginner class. Make sure you’re connecting the right people to the right skill level of classes to ensure that they have the best experience possible and return to your studio.  

  1. Clearly state the equipment that will be needed for the class. Especially for at-home classes, you’re going to want to be confident that you have the equipment needed before you sign up for a class.  Make sure that this information is clear and easy to find so that people can confidently sign up and prepare their workout space prior to the class. 

Ensure you’re getting the most out of Flex!

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About the author:

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Bailey Clark

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Bailey Clark is a serial optimist whose passion for marketing lies within creating authentic connections to make the world happier and healthier. As a San Diego native, her favorite pastimes are surfing, F45, practicing yoga, meditation, and really any opportunity to soak up the sun.


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