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Here's How You Can Help Create a Sustainable BOLD Conference

By Nicole Hoadley

At Mindbody, our core values drive not only how we work but also what we do. Acknowledging that large-scale events can be naturally demanding for our planet, we are trying our best to uphold the core value of being environmentally conscious while planning BOLD, our annual Mindbody conference. Below are steps for how you can join us on our mission to create a sustainable conference.

    Download the BOLD Conference app

    Opt-in to our conference app and eliminate the need for a paper program. The less demand there is for the program this year, the less we will print next year. Anything and everything you’ll need for the week can be found in the BOLD app — the agenda, floorplan, exhibitor catalog, session ratings, speaker info, activity feed and more!

    Locate the water refill stations

    Water refill stations will be abundant throughout our conference halls and in meeting rooms, so make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you!

    Fun facts:

    1. 80% of plastic bottles never make it to a recycling facility
    2. It takes 450-1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose in a landfill
    3. It takes 3x the amount of water to manufacture a water bottle than it does to fill it
    4. Each time a water bottle is filled it saves ½ gallon of water

    Check out the digital signage

    This year we are incorporating more digital signage. Since we can’t completely avoid printing signage, we’re trying our best to source locally so that we can reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping. Be sure to check out our green tip of the day visible at the bottom of all digital signage!

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Please take note of what should be placed in the compost, recycling, and trash.


    • Non-animal food scraps from lunch: vegetables, fruits, grains, tofu, nuts (except walnuts)
    • Items from the coffee station: coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and tea bags (minus the staples!)
    • Napkins, paper towels, post-it notes, cardboard


    • Plastics
    • Cans


    • Animal products from lunch: meat, bones, butter, milk, fish skins
    • Oil, fat, grease
    • BOLD programs

    Be mindful during your stay at the hotel

    Stay where all the BOLD action is taking place? Here are some tips on how you can make your stay more sustainable:

    1. Conserve water and take shorter showers
    2. Reuse your towels and sheets
    3. Turn off lights, TV, and AC while away
    4. Unplug your devices
    5. Purchase locally grown, organic options in the hotel’s restaurants and bars — these options use a ‘farm to fork’ approach providing support to local vendors and farms

    Want to join for BOLD?

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    About the author:

    Nicole Hoadley

    Event Coordinator

    Nicole is an Event Coordinator on the Mindbody Marketing Team. Passionate about both outdoor and indoor fitness, some of Nicole's favorite activities include hiking, skiing, wakesurfing, tennis, yoga, barre, bootcamp and Spin®. In addition to fitness, she loves traveling and is constantly looking to explore new places. Whether in San Luis Obispo, Tahoe, or somewhere new, spending time with friends, family and her two dogs are sure to put a smile on her face.

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