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pound fitness dancing on stage at BOLD 2019

Bold Moves at Mindbody BOLD 2019

By Eric Grayson

This past week I was privileged to attend BOLD The Mindbody Conference, hosted at the Marriott in Anaheim, California. As a long-time employee of Mindbody, but having never attended the event, I had always wondered about the hype and praise the conference garnered. Now having attended BOLD, I can confidently say that the hype is REAL!  

This year, BOLD was highlighted by a star-studded cast of industry leaders including keynote speakers Kristen Bell and Rachel Hollis, as well as Vista Equity Partners Robert F. Smith who recently made national news for pledging to pay off the student loan debts for Morehouse College's graduating class of 2019.

All the action at BOLD 2019

The conference kicked off with a bang. The lights dimmed low like a rock concert as dancers took to the stage armed with ripstix in hand. The music queued, lights flashed, and the dancers broke into a high intensity choreographed Pound fitness dance routine. The atmosphere was electrifying, buzzing with excitement. When the performance wrapped, Mindbody's CEO Rick Stollmeyer took to the stage for the opening announcements, followed by an introduction of keynote speaker Kristen Bell.

A BOLD moment to remember with Kristen Bell

Right out of the gate, Kristen Bell was absolutely delightful and had the audience roaring with laughter from her self-deprecating sense of humor—characterizing herself as a "hot mess in a dress." Her interview by Rick Stollmeyer took the audience on a very emotional, albeit hilarious, journey through her childhood, career, and family life with her husband Dax Shepard and their two young children. 

Here is my favorite take away from Rick's conversation with Kristen Bell: If she could impart any message to millennials, it would be this—have more empathy and strive to see the similarities in one another, opposed to the differences in an increasingly divisive world. This is why she loves comedy and especially loves to make people laugh. Despite all our differences, when something is funny, we all laugh together.

Getting inspired by Robert F. Smith 

Rick Stollmeyer also had the pleasure of interviewing the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners Robert F. Smith, one of the most impressive and accomplished entrepreneurs on the planet. Robert focused on the opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution of the modern age, sharing his excitement for the technologies being developed at Vista's Portfolio companies, including Mindbody. 

For the tens of thousands of employees that work under the Vista umbrella, Robert shared his greatest wish, "The greatest thing we can do for our people is liberating the human spirit." If Robert could share one piece of advice, from one entrepreneur to another: "Enjoy the grind!" That is the mindset an entrepreneur must have to be successful.

An epic finale with Rachel Hollis

Admittedly I had never heard of Rachel Hollis prior to her being booked as a keynote speaker at BOLD. However, now that I have seen her live, I know that she is the real deal and I will never forget her and the impression she made at BOLD. 

Rachel Hollis is a New York Times best-selling author, podcaster, brand developer, and motivational speaker. She has been referenced as the "Tony Robbins of Motivational Speaking for Women," but her message truly transcends across gender. I found that a few of her empowering messages stuck with me.

1. Be authentic from the start

She stresses that the "fake until you make it" mentality and attitude creates arrogance and is at the root of the "imposter syndrome." What did I take away from this? By faking it, you are pretending to be something you are not, and shutting yourself off to the real learning and development that you need for growth. She works extremely hard, and cautions her listeners, "You might be working really hard, but you are not working on the right thing."

First and foremost, you should be working on yourself to develop the skills that you need to be successful in your pursuits. She argues that virtually all of the knowledge that you need is available online, for free, via Google, YouTube or Podcasts, and you need to seek it out and synthesize it.

2. You need to prove your worth from the get-go

"No one cares about what you create until you prove that it has value." Rachel learned this the hard way from the books that she has written. No one cared about the first five books that she wrote, but number six became a New York Times Bestseller, skyrocketing her to superstardom. She cited testimonials and reviews on social sharing networks that contributed to the book's success.

3. You are in charge of your own success

“You are going to be as successful as you believe you are going to be." This was the final takeaway from Rachel. I recognize this is a BOLD claim that may drum up some rebuke. Some call this the Law of Attraction or self-fulfilling prophesy—agree to disagree it boils down to this: believe in yourself. 

breakout session at BOLD conference 2019

The breakout sessions

In between the highlighted presentations, I was pleased to partake in various workshops and breakout sessions headlined by thought leaders of notable authority. Here are some of my favorite findings from the smaller, more intimate sessions.

1. Podcasts can take you mainstream

One of the best ways to grow your following fast and prove that you are an expert in your field- start a podcast. Podcasts have grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade and are perfect for listeners to tune in on-the-go and learn while simultaneously tending to their daily life.

2. It pays to be social

If you are trying to build a brand as well as an audience, leverage relevant social media platforms—where your audience hangs out. Listen to their problems and share/create relevant content that offers solutions to these problems. Posting relevant content will help to develop a relationship and build trust with your audience as well as gain followers.

3. ClickFunnels can help you stay relevant to your ideal demographic

Lastly, if you have created a product or service that helps solve your audience's problem, build a ClickFunnel to engage and continuously retarget your followers to convert sales. Ninety-seven percent of your followers are not ready to buy right now, 30% may never want to buy, and the remaining 67% will need periodic reminders of your product or service offerings so that when the timing is right for them, your follow-up will fall right into their laps and end up in their shopping carts.

woman doing yoga at BOLD 2019

Feeling good from the wellness sessions

Outside of the smaller breakout sessions, I made a point to explore the Wellness Sessions offered at BOLD. I thoroughly enjoyed my very first Martial Arts inspired Total Body Workout with “The Chosen One” Tyron Woodley. Post-travel, and after sitting in conference sessions, my body was begging for yoga and was thoroughly satisfied by sessions of Yin, Hatha, and Sadie Nardini's The Yoga Shred Flow. Lastly, with so many new ideas dancing through my head, winding down with a grounding meditation session was in order.

Having fun at the BOLD Bash

The true BOLD experience would not be complete without attending the BOLD Bash. The BOLD Bash was hosted at Anaheim's House of Blues, featuring live performances from talented bands, covering many of the most popular songs. I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out at the House of Blues with Mindbody customers and coworkers while sipping on a signature Mindbody Moscow Mule.

Final thoughts

If you ever get the opportunity to attend the BOLD conference, please go! Mindbody recruits high caliber, top talent to present on the latest trends, technology, and industry news to help you and your company be successful. The valuable takeaways from these presentations and the sense of community that the BOLD conference creates is immense. Over 2,000 attendees from various walks of fitness, wellness, and beauty, bump elbows and collaborate to share their pitfalls and successes. Getting all these professionals together under one roof creates an energy and excitement that becomes infectious. 

Rachel Hollis made a remarkable observation of the conference hall filled with thousands of attendees, "Whatever questions you have, to grow and scale in your career or company, the answers are all right here in this room. You simply need to seek them out." 

As the conference came to an end, I returned home with a renewed sense of pride and purpose, to better serve our Mindbody customers. An underlying theme from the BOLD Conference was to choose one word that identified your intention in your current state. At the onset, I struggled to find the word that best suited my state of mind, but throughout the course of the conference and as it came to a close, my word and intention became clear: emBOLDened.

Are you excited for the 2020 BOLD Conference in NYC? So are we! Pre-register for the event today and lock-in early bird pricing!

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About the author:

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Eric Grayson

Senior Strategic Product Sales Specialist - Mindbody Payments


Eric is a tenured Mindbodian, adventure enthusiast, and avid investor. He is also the Creator and Editor of—a personal finance blog focused on developing millionaire money habits in millennial investors. You can find his work published on Flipboard, follow him on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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