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6 Features You May Have Missed in 2021

6 Features You May Have Missed in 2021

By Mindbody Product Team

Over the last few years, your business has evolved more than ever—and 2021 was no different. With change comes opportunity, and for us at Mindbody that means upleveling our software to help you take advantage of what’s next.

From enhanced reporting and marketing tools to artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated CRM, you told us what you needed to run your business better and, with your help, we delivered. Here are a few of the many features we developed last year with you (and your customers) in mind.

Upgrading your email marketing

Staying connected with your customers is the key to retention—and with Marketing Suite, sending automated and one-off campaigns has always been a breeze. Recently, we added even more functionality to increase the impact of your efforts. Now you can create your own HTML templates and save them for future use, get AI recommendations for subject lines, and use automation performance reporting to dial in your messaging and cadence to win back more customers. Consistent and results-driven email marketing for the win.

Knowing your numbers

You have to understand your numbers to be successful. With Insights, Mindbody’s new reporting add-on, you can create and share configurable dashboards that give you and your team access to your most important metrics (like sales and productivity) in real-time. You can develop individualized KPIs and team-wide challenges to keep your staff engaged and driving to your goals, too. The best part? No spreadsheets. See how Insights can maximize your reporting and empower your staff.

Attracting new (and diverse) customers

Customer acquisition is the top challenge for fitness studios, salons, and spas. The new Deals Destination—in both the Mindbody app and on web—allows your business to be searchable and bookable in one dedicated place. It also serves up your best offers to prospective customers. Another exciting addition to the app? We’ve added a robust list of gender options (24 to be exact) to create a more welcoming experience that supports gender diversity.

Converting new customers

An effective sales process turns prospective customers into loyal clients. With Lead Management, you can manage your sales pipeline all within your Mindbody software—no sticky notes required. The integrated dashboard provides a clear picture of your entire sales funnel and includes automated lead capture and scheduled follow-ups. You’ll also have access to lead conversion rates so you can learn where you experience drop-offs—and where there’s room for improvement.

Protecting your revenue

If you’ve ever spent time chasing down and manually updating expired credit cards (and who hasn’t?), Card Updater is for you. This feature works behind the scenes to automatically update stored cards that have been lost, stolen, or expired. It does so safely and securely—with no client interaction needed—in your Mindbody software or branded app. Card Updater is fully integrated into your Mindbody merchant account and helps eliminate failed payments, reduce cancellations, and save time for just $1 per updated card. Learn more about how Card Updater works.

Providing 24/7 customer service

An AI receptionist works around the clock to make sure you never miss a customer. Anytime you’re away from your front desk or busy with clients, Messenger[ai] will answer questions, make sales, and book appointments or classes. Plus, your AI front desk can send automatic welcome texts, ask clients to sign liability waivers, check them in for appointments and classes, and help clients book for a guest.

It’s not too late to take advantage of these features to hit your goals in 2022. Join us for our upcoming webinars: 

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