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Consumer Advocate Program Reward

5 Ways to Spend Your $500 Customer Advocates Program Reward

As a business owner in the fitness, beauty, or wellness space, we hope that you think of Mindbody software as an important part of your team, and we want to help you share that feeling with the world. To reward our subscribers for talking about their experiences, we launched the Customer Advocates Program in February 2019, making it easy for Mindbody users to refer other businesses to our platform.  

For a limited time, we’re expanding this promo to bring more members into our community and further connect the world to wellness. Of course, there’s a little something extra in it for you too —instead of the regular $100 bonus, you’ll receive a $500 gift card for each referred business that signs up. We’re sure that you can find a good use for the cash, but we also have a few suggestions to offer.  

Here’s the full scoop on this special deal: 

Reward other businesses, get rewarded

The Consumer Advocates Program–or CAP for short—is simple. You tell your friends and local businesses how much you love your Mindbody software, and you get rewarded for every new member that joins. Your community puts their all into their businesses, and it’s time to introduce them to software that matches their drive. With their new Mindbody or Booker software, they get the business solutions that they need to grow their fitness studio, spa, salon or wellness business, and you get a $500 reward. 

How can I get in on the action?

Any Mindbody or Booker user in any industry is eligible for the program, anywhere on the globe. It doesn’t matter if you own and run a business, manage a front desk, or lead classes, any user of our business software can refer new members. Once someone signs up using your referral link, we’ll email you a $500 Visa cash gift card in your country’s currency to use any way you like. 

I’ve got a lot of friends...

All the better! There is no limit to how many CAP bonuses that you can receive. You will still get a $500 gift card for every business that signs up.

What do I do with this extra moolah?

  1. New holiday decor for your business 

    With the holidays coming up, consider splurging on some decor to make your business an autumn adventure, a spooky haunt, or a wintery wonderland. Your CAP reward could spruce up your lobby area or business space and help customers get into the spirit of the season.  

  2. New gear for your social media moves 

    Social media is the key to marketing your business, and we know that the equipment needed to showcase your business is not cheap. Investing in a new camera to capture the true angles of your business, a ring light to showcase your style, or shadowbox to highlight the quality of your retail offering could grow your following and increase profits.  

  3. A staff appreciation outing  

    Your employees give their all to your business and a CAP reward could help you give back. Consider taking the crew out for an epic night of bowling, an amazing dinner in town, or an incredible night at a show. A happy staff makes for a healthy business. 

  4. Shiny new equipment 

    Has the most loved piece of equipment at your fitness studio or salon seen too much use? It might be time to retire that tried and true favorite for a brand-new model. Your customers and employees will thank you. 

  5. Some well-deserved rest and relaxation 

    It’s not easy running your business, and we know that you might need some time for yourself. Take to the Mindbody app as a customer for some pampering with a massage, a beauty treatment at a local spa, or a restorative class at a nearby yoga studio. 

When does this sweet deal disappear?

The new and improved $500 reward for the CAP program is available for a limited time only. Visit the Consumer Advocates Program page to learn more and help further connect the world to wellness by referring. We can’t wait to meet your friends! 

Are you ready to get rewarded?

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