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4 Ways to Prepare Your Fitness Studio for the Resolution Rush

By Denise Prichard

We’re just a few short weeks away from 2020—do you know what that means? The Resolution Rush is in full effect and you’ll probably start seeing a substantial increase in customers.

In fact, overall fitness studio attendance usage spikes by at least 18% (with some fitness studios seeing a spike as high as 40%!) starting in late November and ending in early February.

So, how can you make sure your fitness studio is prepared throughout the Resolution Rush? Here are some tips to make your life easier this January and the rest of the year.

1. Alleviate a congested front desk with the class Check-In app

Even though you will experience an influx of new customers trying out your fitness studio, it’s imperative that you keep your existing customers in mind as well. An effective way to do this is by giving your loyal customers the ability to check into your classes through the Class Check-In app. They already know the drill, and by making the experience easier with technology, you can focus on new and returning customers. With the free Check-In app, customers can find their class, check themselves in and even add themselves to an upcoming class from an iPad or the iPhone. You can download the app for free by clicking here.

2. Prepare your staff with the Business app

The Business app harnesses social share options that allow you and your staff to post deep links in your emails, text messages, and social media pages that link directly to your class and services. This app has proven to be an ideal solution for managers, owners, and staff to check their schedules, check-in clients, and even sell if the front desk is busy. On the go, at home, or away from the front desk, the business app has your back—and you can download it for free.

3. Retain your new customers from the Resolution Rush

Before the rush, set up your automated marketing solution to ensure you retain new customers. Automated marketing allows you to create smart lists that will reach out to customers to convert them, keep them engaged, win them back, or whatever you choose. You’ll be able to seamlessly, and personally, engage clients—without having to lift a finger.

Have a feeling some customers will drop-off a few months after the new year? No problem. Remind clients to book again by sending personalized text messages and emails, taking away all barriers to re-book. You can also use your automated marketing solution to promote packages and memberships to the right clients at the right time.

Get your automated marketing set up now, your future self—and customers—will thank you.

4. Optimize your online scheduling

The easier it is for your clients to book their classes, the more likely they are to stick their resolution of getting fit. With Branded Web widgets, you can utilize your Facebook page and website to embed your class and event schedule. New and loyal clients alike can use this feature to register for classes directly from Facebook or without even leaving your site. Branded Web is included with all MINDBODY subscriptions!

Be cool as a cucumber during the January Rush.

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About the author:

Denise Prichard

Content Marketing Specialist and Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200)


Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy within the health, wellness and beauty industries. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes, at a spin class or hanging out with her rescue pups. She currently serves as the Content Marketing Specialist for Mindbody.


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