Pom Groove at Barre Groove in Boston, MA

4 Unique Fitness Classes Offered in the Boston Area

By Lauren McAlister

These days, some group fitness businesses are moving away from more traditional exercise classes like yoga and strength training, in favor of adding new, innovative workout options to their schedules. In Boston, this is especially true. From boxing and aerial fitness to hip hop dance and pole fitness classes, there are oh-so-many unique class options to get your group fitness on.

Think you’ve seen it all as a veteran, fitness professional? Here are four fresh fitness classes scheduled in and around Boston:

1. FIT In a Hammock at SWETSTUDIO®

You may have heard of aerial yoga, but SWETSTUDIO in Boston takes aerial fitness classes to the next level with offerings like "FIT In a Hammock." Using bodyweight and gravity for resistance, this low-impact cardio workout promises to burn calories, build core strength, and elongate muscles (yes, please) all while being suspended in the air. Looking for aerial yoga, barre, or Pilates classes? SWETSTUDIO has those, too.

2. GlowYogaFusion at Acorn Yoga

Boston's Acorn Yoga is home to gentle, vinyasa, and power yoga flows but their signature GlowYogaFusion class is anything but. A fitness class fit for both beginners and veteran yogis alike, GlowYogaFusion combines a relaxing flow with both guided partner and group activities. Oh, and did we mention the class is taught in the dark—with just blacklights and glow sticks for light? Students are encouraged to wear white or neon colors and to arrive early to apply glow paint. This class has its students glowing, literally.

3. SurfSet at SHRED Pilates & Spin

Whether you're a surf enthusiast, a Pilates lover, or both, you're sure to be totally "on board" with SurfSet at SHRED Pilates & Spin in the greater Boston area. A high-intensity fitness class with Pilates at its core, instructors at SHRED teach the class entirely on surfboards resting on unstable workout balls. For both instructors and students, performing movements on an unstable surface throughout the workout strengthens the core and improves balance.

4. Pom Groove at BARRE GROOVE

From Boston Patriots cheerleader to fitness entrepreneur, the owner of BARRE GROOVE in Boston has professional experience using pom-poms—and designed her signature Pom Groove class accordingly. This high-energy and cardio-based dance fitness class uses gold pom-poms and high-kicks to give students a spirited, dance workout that has them cheering for more.

It's clear Boston is home to creative fitness studios. Plus, while 26% of Boston's population works out in a group fitness class at least once a week*, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth. Could your studio offer the next big thing?

*MINDBODY Wellness Index, 2019

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