The Staff Member You Didn't Know You Had: Accelerate Retention Tools

Barre Class at BolderBARRE

When Hunter Wolcott and his wife Rita Jenkins-Wolcott opened BolderBARRE and Fitness in Stuart, Florida, in October, they were nervous. While opening a new business is an exciting and scary time for anyone, Hunter and Rita had a unique problem: they didn’t have a single client.

Rita designed BolderBARRE as a new approach to barre, and launching a business based on this new style wasn’t easy. For Rita, the first few weeks were like drinking water through a firehose: “It was a lot more work than I ever expected or anticipated.”

Soon, BolderBARRE didn’t face the problem of finding new customers and Rita and Hunter faced a new problem: how to retain their hard-earned clients. When the studio launched, the Wolcotts had used the Pro level of MINDBODY software, but as client retention became more of an opportunity, they upgraded to the Accelerate level.

From boosting their marketing efforts to helping them clear their waitlist, Accelerate helped the Wolcotts reach a new degree of business management. Previously, Hunter had been sending SMS alerts to individuals manually, taking valuable time and resources away from other tasks.

Now, the Wolcotts set automatic waitlist reminders, which alert studio members on a waitlist when a spot opens up. "People don't always check their emails but they always check their texts," Hunter said.

Additionally, before using the retention and marketing tools in Accelerate, the Wolcotts were setting up auto emails individually in the software. "We had been doing that kind of marketing manually,” Hunter explained. The ability to set marketing messages like the “We Miss You” and “Just Checking In” emails has provided the Wolcotts with a way to bring their customers back while saving them time.

Many businesses like BolderBARRE struggle with client retention, and tools like the Accelerate level of MINDBODY are designed to assist businesses by bringing customers back. Think of Accelerate as a part-time staff member with the ability to manually pull reports, make lists, write and personalize emails and send SMS messages. Unlike part-time staff, however, they work 24/7.

For the Wolcotts, the tools that MINDBODY—and the Accelerate level of software—have proved invaluable to BolderBARRE. If they had known everything that Accelerate could do, “We’d have done it sooner.”
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