Tame Your Mane This Summer at Blow Hampton

If you’ve ever visited the East End of Long Island, you know there’s no shortage of fabulous salons. However, there’s not a single place to get a blowout! Until now.

Blow Hampton has arrived and is changing the game. Owner Lila Beudert designed Blow Hampton to foster a special community. "I want women to feel they can be in and out within a half hour, or that they can hang and chat all day,” Beudert said. “I want to create the coffee shop of hair salons.”

This blow dry bar is a place where everyone leaves feeling like a star. The menu of blowouts includes "the Jen," "the Kate," "the Gwyneth" and “the Beyonce.” We’ll let you guess who they’re referring to.

Blow Hampton is the perfect spot to get a beach-worthy blowout, so if you’re in the Hamptons this summer, book an appointment at Blow!