Christina of Pomme Salon and Shoppe talks Online Booking

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Christina of Pomme Salon & Shoppe has seen major success since opening the salon. I sat down with her to talk about the salon, their clients and how online booking has helped her business.

When did you open your salon?

Pomme Salon & Shoppe was opened in 2006 by Shannon Paul who owned Shannon Paul Salon for 11 years.

When did you implement MINDBODY salon business software?

Pomme Salon started with MINDBODY in 2012<b>

How often do you look at your appointment book?

We look at the book every morning for two weeks ahead to double check all our appointments and see how busy we are. The front desk coordinator generally looks at the appointment book on a continuous basis throughout the day.

How many of your clients book online?

50% of our clients book online. &nbsp;

How many of those clients would you say are booking when you’re not open?

Most clients find it more convenient to book their appointments in the evenings or early mornings before we are open or the days that we are closed, on Sunday and Monday. We gain business because clients are booking when we are not open.

Can you name some other benefits you’ve seen?

Linking your online booking to your website is a positive for search engine rankings. Also, the reporting ability and marketing ability help streamline and increase business efficiency and volume. The rewards system capability is also a plus; the clients love it.

Thank you, Christina!

Want more bookings at your salon?

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