A Hairy Situation

Woman styling hair in Umbrella salon

In 2000, Khiem was working as a Financial Center Manager in New York while attending business school. It was there he learned firsthand how to start and run a business—which came in handy for what happened next. Khiem’s brother Kien, who had been doing hair for a number of years, finally reached the point where he was ready to make the transition from booth renter to salon owner.

Young and ambitious, Khiem and Kien decided to leave the security of their current jobs and open their own salon. Wanting to add a little color to their team, they recruited stylist and friend, Michelle Gibens. When asked what each brings to the team, Khiem said, “I handle the business side of things, my brother is the Creative Director responsible for guiding our creative vision, and Michelle directs and oversees our color department.”

With MINDBODY as their salon management software, Khiem and his partners were able to reduce the number of voicemails received by 50%, increase registrations by up to seven a day and better equip their team of 17 stylists with the tools they need to serve their clients.

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