A BOLD Attitude: Elle Salon Inc.

It’s a bold decision to start your own business, and Janelle Conejo of Elle Salon Inc. is no stranger to being bold. We sat down with Janelle to discuss what inspired her to open her own salonWhat inspired you to make the BOLD move to open your salon?  What inspired me to open my salon, at the age of 23, was actually the desire to inspire and lead others.  I knew what I wanted to find in a salon, so rather than searching for what may not have existed, I created it. What have you found to be your most important tools along the way? The key factors that I believe have led to the success of Elle are fearlessness, the ability to change and adapt, the strength of a supportive team, MINDBODY Software to keep it all in check. What do you consider to be BOLD? I believe BOLD is an attitude of fearlessness which drives one to obtain their desires and when used properly and positively, can truly change people, situations and environments for the better. Thanks Janelle! Next time you’re in Elgin, Illinois, make an appointment at Elle Salon Inc. Be sure to follow MINDBODY on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. All images courtesy of Elle Salon Inc.