Perfect Your Zombie Self(ie) with these Tips from Stunt Dolly

Zombie makeup

Halloween might be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress about a costume. We’ve partnered with Stunt Dolly, one of the coolest salons in London, to create an easy, but very spooky zombie look.

  1. Hair
  2. Start by crimping your hair. Then, create volume by working through the hair in sections, holding taut and then using a comb, backcomb from tips right down to the root. (Also perfect for a witch or fortune teller costume!) Add white hairspray for a zombie look!

  3. Makeup
  4. When creating a zombie makeup look, the temptation is to use white face paint to pale your skin. Instead, use a combination of lilac-grey mixed with beige on a sponge for a much more realistic base.

    Use dark bronzing powder on a big brush to create deep, contouring ‘I haven’t slept for a week’ shadows round the eye sockets, paying especial attention to the area either side of the bridge of your nose. Use a small brush to put purple eye shadow in the center of your upper and lower lips to create a sad, pouty look.  Aim to create a matte ‘dead’ effect, so don’t use shiny lipstick.

  5. Special effects
  6. For a typical zombie discoloration effect and creepy veins, pick at the surface of a triangle sponge until you have a crater. Gently dab into purple and grey face paint, building up in layers around the forehead, eyes and nose for TV-level detail!

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