Celebrity Stylist Jonathan Antin Chooses MINDBODY

Every client that joins the MINDBODY family is unique and special, and one of our newest clients is no exception.  Jonathan & George Salon, an upscale offering in Beverly Hills, will now use MINDBODY to organize and streamline operations so that Jonathan Antin, celebrity stylist and co-owner of the salon can do more of what he loves most—creating beautiful hair.

Jonathan Antin, star of the reality television show Blow Out, notes that MINDBODY will help him run the salon more smoothly.

“I don’t have to sort through a mountain of emails, or call long meetings with my staff to get basic questions answered. Those are the problems that used to keep me up at night.”

As an influencer in the salon industry, Jonathan sets not only style trends, but also trends for the salon business as well. For Jonathan, the ability to help other salon owners take control of their business by utilizing MINDBODY software is a powerful motivation.

“As an influential stylist, I want to encourage salon industry professionals to embrace the power of technology. As a stylist, your time should be focused on creating beautiful hair -- MINDBODY will take care of the rest.”  

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To follow Jonathan’s journey with MINDBODY, follow his Twitter handle:  @jonathanantin

Jonathan Antin is a paid endorser of MINDBODY.