Try This Scandi Wave Technique

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Have the hair blues? Channel Scandinavian style with this wave tutorial!

Oribe Australia Educator Lauren Mackellar of Edwards and Co Melbourne took inspiration from celebrity hairstylist and queen of Danish cool-girl hair Nicci Welsh to create this elegantly undone “Scandi Wave” style, and added a bit of an Aussie twist.

To recreate this simple yet finished look, you’ll need your favourite styling products (Lauren used Oribe Hair Care), a hairdryer and a straightening iron.

  1. Starting with dry hair, spritz through a priming spray (like Oribe Foundation Mist) to prime, balance porosity and protect from heat. Next, working section by section, lightly mist a starchy thickening spray (try Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray) from roots to ends over the top of the Foundation Mist to add grip and gritty texture, and to help hold the waves in place.
  2. Using your hairdryer and a paddle brush, rough dry the hair until completely dry, smoothing out the hairline as you go. If you notice any areas that still feel too soft, add another spritz of Maximista to build it up.
  3. Decide where you would like your part to be (centre part works really well for this) and divide your hair into two big sections.
  4. You'll want to split each side into at least three sections depending on how thick your hair is, and start at the bottom and work up to the top/front.
  5. Take hold of your first section and comb it through so you're not ironing any knots into the hair. Hold it between your fingers so it lies flat like a piece of ribbon, then bend it back into itself and towards your face so that it creates a "C" shape.
  6. Using your straightening iron, 'tap' the heat into the C until the heat has gone through (usually about 10–15 taps, depending on thickness of hair). Your section of hair will naturally bend back in the opposite direction creating an "S" shape. Continue feeding the hair through the straightener and tapping the heat into the bends all throughout your head of hair.
  7. Remember, around the face is the most important part because you want the bends to be placed between eyebrow and cheek bone to be the most flattering.
  8. Once finished, allow it to cool completely and then loosen the sections with your hands and a few sprays of a texturizing spray (try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Thick Dry Finishing Spray) at the roots, and maybe a light finish of a shine spray (like Oribe Après Beach) on your ends—this isespecially amazing on anyone with blonde ends.