The #AskJonathanAntin Twitter Show!

On Monday June 9, the MINDBODY Salon Team held a twitter chat with Jonathan Antin of Jonathan & George Salon. It was so successful that we’ve continued it in the weeks since. Many fans, stylists and salon owners chimed in with great questions using the hashtag #AskJonathanAntin.

One of our themes was how opening your salon 7 days per week can increase sales and improve your bottom line. Here are some highlights:

How can I incentivize staff to want to work on what used to be their days off if I decide to open my salon on Sundays and Mondays?

Jonathan: There are several ways to incentivize staff - one of which is a slightly higher commission. You can also incentivize by giving your staff a few extra walk-ins per week or for that day. MINDBODY will automatically track your staff’s commission that day saving you hours of bookwork.

What’s the best way to let clients know you’re open on new days?

Jonathan: As you all know I’m not a salesman, but if you were using MINDBODY it would do it for you. There are always business cards. I still love word-of-mouth, eye-to-eye, person-to-person contact. It can be as simple as: “Hey, you know how you can never seem to find time to get your haircut? We’re open on Sundays now. I WILL see you in the salon.”

If I open my salon 6 days a week to start, do I choose Sunday or Monday?

Jonathan: I would say Monday first: test the waters, and then Sunday. Definitely open Sunday eventually as well, and if you’re lucky enough to be busy enough to be open on Sunday, that’s a quality problem to have. Clients would love to be able to get their haircuts on Sundays, it’s such a great day to stop in and get a great cut. Bottom line, there is no book of rules. This is only my opinion. If you want to open day 6 as Sunday, by all means have at it!

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