Prom 101: A little history, a lot of style!

Prom season is in full swing and our clients around the country are seeing a huge influx of online bookings for “Prom Hair”.

For some inspiration, check out these prom styles by MINDBODY client, Elle Salon. And if you’re looking for interesting tidbits to share behind the chair, here’s a crash course in the history of this special event – we call it “Prom 101”.

“Prom”, short for promenade, has some pretty humble roots. According to Wikipedia, proms were started in the late 1800s to teach manners in northeast American women’s colleges.

By the 1940s, proms had a more party-like atmosphere. They spread from colleges to high schools around the country and were usually held in the school gymnasium. Proms also became increasingly popular in other countries.

In the 1980s, proms became what we know them as today: THE social event of the year for the high school crowd. The shopping, hair and makeup, the before and after parties, the limos, dining out as the fanciest dressed people in the restaurant, by far  - ahhhh, those were the days!

Prom 101 International Edition:
In South Africa, the prom is called “Matric Dance”
In Hong Kong, the high school prom occurs over Christmas break and is often called the “Christmas Ball”
In Germany, the prom is called the “Abiball”

The next time you’re in Chicago, test out one of these fabulous prom styles yourself with a visit to Elle Salon.

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